Top 5 Best AAAA Sativa strains on Earth to make you extremely happy

Best AAAA Sativa strains

So, you are in search of Top-shelf Sativa AAAA weed Strains. Surely you landed in the right place.

This article contains everything about AAAA grade Sativa Strain, Sativa dominant hybrid, Best AAAA strains in the market today and most of all, my favourite AAAA Sativa strains.

So Stay with us and go on reading!

First of all, I would like to my no. 1 AAAA Sativa strain and that is Pink Sour Diesel. If you want to buy it, try buying from is wccaanabis online dispensary. You are going to love this for sure!

I have been using the same strain for a long. It is so easy to go kind of weed!

Coming back to our top high-grade Sativa AAAA weed, One thing that I want to ask? Are you aware of what AAAA strains are? If not, then try reading about them in our previous articles first, – AAAA weeds strains in Canada.

What is Sativa AAAA Weed?

Well, AAAA Cannabis strains that fall in the Sativa, or Sativa Dominant categories are Sativa AAAA cannabis.

Needless to mention, that as per the basic nature of AAAA, the Sativas belonging to these categories are the most premium strains with high THC content and excellent cannabinoids as well as terpenes. And the strong terpenes, THC, strong aroma and taste are the major factors that define the categories.

Let’s find out why to use them.

Why and when to use these AAAA grade Sativa Strains?

Why do smokers or stoners rely on Sativa strains Of AAAA grade quality?

If you are a regular stoner or a novice- you must be aware that Sativa strains produce ‘Head High‘ as they stimulate our minds.

Preferably the best reasons to take Sativas are-

  • When you want to face some important meetings or public speaking, in other words when you are getting nervous and need confidence.
  • Whenever there is a stressful day and you want to just let go of it? i.e. for mood uplifting.
  • When you need to unlock your creativity.
  • And also, when you really need to get focused to perform your tasks.

Obviously, if you choose AAAA strains of Sativa, the extreme results would do wonders for you and your whole day would be amazing. Isn’t it

Therefore, we usually prefer Sativa strain for mood uplifting, physical relaxation, boost confidence, increase focus and creativity.

Let’s proceed to the Best Sativa AAAA weed strains available on the Earth today.

Best Sativa AAAA weed Strains:

Fortunately, we have some spectacular Sativa strains in Canada today. Undeniably, all these will give you a high energizing punch, that you will never forget.

Following are the top grade AAAA Sativa cannabis you will find in Canada easily:

  1. Pink Sour Diesel
  2. Bruce Banner
  3. Blue Dream
  4. Mimosa
  5. Trainwreck

It’s time to explore all of them one by one. Keep Reading…

Top 5 Sativa AAAA cannabis in Canada

Taking our first AAAA Sativa strain.

#1 Pink Sour Diesel:

It’s my favourite!

Above all, Pink Sour Diesel is a Hybrid pot strain made by intersection Pink Kush with Sour Diesel. It produces stimulating outcomes that are inspiring and centred.

Absolutely lovable sensations of elation and attacks of laughs! That’s what it is known for.


Pink Sour Diesel’s sticky buds have medium-sized cushioned vaporous olive green nugs with slender splashing orange hairs and minty green leaves with rich purple feelings. Moreover, these nugs seem to be covered in a chilly layer of smooth white trichomes.

Taste and Smell:

Further talking about its taste, it is harsh, fuel-like and very pungent


Also, users of this absolutely potent Sativa leaned hybrid portray its effects as a madly tricky crawling high. It takes a long beginning time but hits you strongly, you’ll unexpectedly fall in giggly euphoria. You’ll feel madly innovatively propelled with rushes of energy yet totally loose in both psyche and body.

What a convincing wake and bake strain!


  • Genetics: Pink kush x Sour Diesel
  • Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
  • THC: 27-28%
  • CBD: 1.1-1.3%
  • Terpenes: Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene, Terpinolene, Caryophyllene
  • Flavour and Fragrance: Citrus, highly pungent, super skunk, Fuel, Diesel
  • Effects: Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Uplifting, Energizing, Creative,
  • Negative Effects: Red eyes, Dry mouth, Dizziness
  • Medical Use: Chronic Pain, Headaches, Insomnia, Migraines, Nausea, PTSD, Stress, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Fatigue

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#2 Bruce Banner: A perfect AAAA Sativa Dominant Strain

Interestingly named after the Bruce banner of Incredible Hulk.

Why is the name so?

Well because this strain is similar to the Bruce Banner alter ego and turns as green as the character, this green beast additionally has stowed away strength and elements thick nugs that pack the force of extremely high THC content.

What’s more, is that it has won Denver Cannabis Cup and is the most potent Sativa strain in the market ever tested in High Times Cannabis Cup.


The bud looks vigorously iced in appearance because of a thick layer of resinous organs and large, glowy trichomes of bright green colour.

Taste and smell:

Strangely, aromatics are intense diesel and fuel with a hint of sweetness, however the sweet aroma and flavours are amazingly rich and impactful and are having gritty notes and citrus undercurrents.


Extremely strong as soon as it gets in. With such a strong THC, this cannabis strain is great to fight depression, chronic pain, migraine, nausea, etc.

Strongly affecting strain will take you to another happy world to make you feel happy around all around. Best use in the daytime.

Do you have a reason not to try it?


  • Genetics: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
  • Type: Sativa Hybrid
  • THC Level: 23-30%
  • CBD Level:0.4-0.8 %
  • Terpenes: Linalool, Pinene, Humulene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene,
  • Taste and Smell: Fruity, skunk, sweet, lemon, diesel
  • Effects: Happy, Euphoric, relaxed
  • Negative Effects: Dizzy, Dry Eyes, Thirst,
  • Medical Use: Fatigue, Stress, Anxiety, pains

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#3) Blue Dream:

Really a dream for many! Loved by so many renowned personalities, This Sativa hybrid has so many reasons to try for!

Not only this is considered the best notorious west coast cannabis that exists in the market of Canada, but also is one of the favourites to smoke for celebrities like Snoop Dogg, celebrity cannabis lawyer Willie Nelson and the rapper Juicy J.

What to say more! Rapper J. has even dedicated a song on Blue Dream. Can you believe it?

Appearance, Taste and smell:

Blue Dream is a delightful hybrid strain having a gigantic pack bud that flaunts mid-sized buds with bright green leaves and very few orange trichomes or hairs.

Furthermore, the Blue Dream flower brings something beyond a pleasant actual appearance. The beauty when gets mixed well with scrumptious kinds of sweet blueberries and smooth natural sugar or vanilla-like flavours create a happy euphoria.


On smoking Blue Dream, you will feel a high punch all over your mind to the body and make you relaxed yet energized to perform all your daily tasks well.

Probably, this may be the reason being the Blue Dream is the most in-demand and accessible weed in the market of the country.

Likewise, it is great for therapeutic use, as blessed with high THC content, it is used in the treatment of the symptoms like migraines, Pain, Depression, stress.

In reality, definitely plenty of reasons to have it! Highly recommended!


  • Genetics: Blueberry x Haze
  • Type: Sativa Hybrid
  • THC Level: 18-21%
  • CBD Level: 0.2-0.6
  • Terpenes: Lemolene, Pinenene, Myrcene, Linalool
  • Taste and Smell: Sweet, Earthy, fruity, blueberries,
  • Effects: Creative high, Happiness, tingly, focused, Energetic
  • Negative Effects: Anxiety, Confusion, Paranoia,
  • Medical Use: Stress, mild pain, anxiety, depression, migraines

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#4) Mimosa:

An overwhelming delicious AAAA weed Sativa dominant strain! You will live the punch and the absolute euphoria with tasty zing.

A worthy runner-up in High Times Cannabis Cup 2018.

Appearance, Taste and smell:

Breathtakingly beautiful tall plant with frosty lovely buds and flowers with the dark green coloured leaves. All over it’s pretty!

As long as taste and smell are concerned, it is known for being the most delicious cannabis. With the citrus, lemony and orange taste and flowery and fruity smell, it will appear like magic.

Surely, you are not doing to stop for less! But be careful, though Mimosa is safe to be taken even via novices, high doses may lead to irritation in eyes.


Just a few puffs and you are on the other happier world without any stress and with a lots of confidence. Best for daytime use.

Another positive note is that this pretty cannabis is a great medical AAAA weed as it works well with the symptoms like anxiety, mental problems, sadness, nervousness, insomnia, loss of appetite.

For the reason being a tasty sense and for ita great head high, all these factors made mimosa a top-grade AAAA weed!

Hey! what do you expect more from a potent Sativa?


  • Genetics: Clementine x Purple Punch
  • Type: Sativa Hybrid
  • THC Level: 23-25%
  • CBD Level: 0.2-0.52%
  • Terpenes: Sabinene, Valencene, Phellandrene, Lemolene, Pinenene, Linalool
  • Taste and Smell: Citrus, tropical, flowery, earthy, lemon, orange
  • Effects: Creative high, Happy, uplifted, Energetic
  • Negative Effects: Thirst, red eyes, dry mouth
  • Medical Use: Stress, anxiety, depression,

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#5 Trainwreck: Best to buy from the online dispensary

Undeniably a super quality AAAA weed!

Above all, a trainwreck is named due to a Trainwreck incident happened where it was cultivated. Not sure, but this is the most accepted story!

Appearance, Taste and Smell:

Generally, its buds are green sticky covered with snowy crystal-like trichomes. This cannabis is so potent that can be noticed easily wherever it is kept. For being so citrus, sweet in flavours it will take you with its woody scent.


Just after 5 minutes of taking, this powerful Sativa gives you a massive hit just as if you are a cargo train.

Trainwrecks tend to make you feel highly relaxed yet energizing so as to you can work for the whole day.

Great quality Top class AAAA cannabis will take over all your worries and leave you with the awesome energy to carry out all your tasks. Users noted it as not to forget strain.


  • Genetics: Afghani, Thai and Mexican
  • Type: Sativa dominant Hybrid
  • THC Level: 16-19.5%
  • CBD Level: 0.4-0.8%
  • Terpenes: Myrcene, Ocemene, Lemolene, Pinenene, Linalool
  • Taste and Smell: Citrus, sweet, pine, earthy, woody.
  • Effects: Talkative, giggly, Creative, Happy, uplifted, Energetic
  • Negative Effects: Thirst, red eyes, dry mouth, paranoia
  • Medical Use: Stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD

Know where you can get it in Canada from?

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As we are done with our best AAAA cannabis in Canada, let’s move to the FAQ…

FAQs about Sativa AAAA weed?

Q1. Which is the best online dispensary in Canada to buy AAAA weed?

Ans: There are many. You can buy from wccannabis, Bcbudsupply, Green society and many others. Try a search to get the best deals on the website and choose the one.

Q2. Why AAAA weed are so pricey?

Ans: Because these are the highest quality strains. And to get better quality, you need to pay more.

Q3. Can AAAA Sativa Cannabis harm us?

Ans: Of course, these are very powerful, highly potent strains. Go light with the doses to avoid side effects.

Read till the end…

Conclusion: Top AAAA Sativa Weed

Undebatable that Sativas are great. And if we talk about AAAA quality, simply the best one you can go for.

However, even after cannabis is legal in the country, it is a burden on pockets too especially if you are choosing the high-grade AAAA strains. Yet, if you are a cannabis lover, then first research to get the best deals and then order.

Also, mind the doses as these will surely hit you hard!

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