8 Best Canadian seed banks Review 2022 – Must Read Before Buying!

Unbiased review of top 8!

” Growing or smoking Marijuana is surely addictive as great things are worthy to get repeated”

Hey! Welcome to the place where you find the most sorted list of the best Canadian seed banks.

And, if you are an experienced grower or an avid smoker, stop looking elsewhere for purchasing marijuana seeds from a genuine seed bank. As you will find here everything you want.

Indeed, Canada is a paradise for cannabis lovers. Since the legalization of marijuana in Canada in 2017, people are buying or even growing cannabis on their own.

Henceforth, we are witnessing exponential growth in the field of weeds. Interestingly, people are not only smoking weeds but also showing a keen interest in growing their own weed.

Isn’t it great?

Well, to grow cannabis is surely an exciting idea but you have to be very very careful about the quality of seeds you purchase.

For this reason, we at mailordermarijuanacanada have prepared an expert list of the best cannabis seed banks in Canada.

Let’s check who is on the best Canadian Seed Banks list?

Top 8: Best Canadian Seed Banks

Definitely, the most tricky question is to choose the best seed bank for buying the best marijuana seeds online. Let us help you in finding out.

Undoubtedly, Canada is a heaven for all cannabis lovers. Eventually, you will find the great seeds and seed banks and of course world’s best cannabis strains here.

Now, we are moving our top picks of the best Canadian seed banks to assist you. Please note our review is unbiased and based on various parameters and our research team’s experience as well.

Here our list of the top Canadian Seed banks goes:

  1. Crop King Seeds Bank
  2. Quebec Cannabis Seeds Bank
  3. True North Seed Bank
  4. Toronto Cannabis Seeds
  5. Montreal Cannabis Seeds
  6. Vancouver seed bank
  7. BC Bud Depot Seed Bank
  8. Dr. Seeds Seed Bank

Hey! I know you want to know every single detail about these seed banks. So, let’s get into the details of each of them…

#1 Crop King Seeds Bank: King of the quality marijuana seeds

Undeniably No.1 Canadian Seed Bank.

About the Crop King Seeds Bank:

Established in the year 2005 in British Columbia, Canada, Crop King Seeds bank has made its presence by its quality services.

Absolutely, a heart-winning company for home growers as well as commercial growers.

Here, you must be thinking about what’s so special about Crop King Seeds Bank?

Let us answer…

Specialties about the Crop King Seeds Bank:

  • For its extensive top-class services, in the year 2017, the Crop King Seeds bank has been honoured as the ‘Best Seed Company’ by the Canadian Cannabis Awards. 
  • Moreover, you will find the Crop King store near you as the company has more than 100 stores at the service of their customers.
  • See What’s more about the Crop King?
  • Website:- You will love their website as it is user-friendly. We have observed that it is easy to navigate through their website. You will find all the details just by clicking on their names. Also, they have their chat feature ‘ Chat with the king ‘ through which they give you 24/7 support.
  • Customer Support: Needless to mention, they have a great support team to answer all your queries round the clock.

What’s More?

  • Seeds Collection: Crop King seeds bank is famous for its collection. They have a quality collection of auto-flowering seeds, high THC and CBD strains, feminized seeds, regular strains.
  • Their most selling strains include Green Crack, Train Wreck, Durban Poison, Northern Lights, Amnesia Haze, Purple Kush,  Blueberry, Sour Diesel.

Wait! Something is left to tell you!

  • Germination Guarantee: Do I need to mention that the bank provides an 80% Germination Guarantee as well? That is, either you will get your replacement cannabis seeds or get your refund if you have followed their instructions thoroughly.
  • Packaging and Shipping: They have discreet packaging and worldwide shipping available. You can get 5 seeds, 10 seeds and 25 seeds options to choose from.
  • Payment Options: Again, Crop King won’t disappoint you in this field too. They accept Canadian dollars as cash, MasterCard, Visa Card, Debit/ Credit Card, Bitcoin, money orders, etc. If you stay in Canada, you can pay by E-transfer too.

Obviously, these features have made the company unarguably the most reliable seed bank in Canada.


  • Brand Reputation
  • Germination Guarantee
  • Quality of seeds
  • Fast and safe delivery
  • Discreet packaging
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Ships worldwide
  • Multiple Payment Options


  • Expensive
  • Not 100% germination guarantee
  • No free seeds
  • Doesn’t give discounts on Bitcoin
  • Shipping charges extra

Visit the Official Website of Crop King Seeds Bank

It’s time to move on to our next seed bank…

#2 Quebec Cannabis Seeds Bank:

Likewise another trustworthy best Canadian Seed bank on our list.

Hey! look nowhere if you are seeking quality seeds at a reasonable price under the trusted and reputed cannabis seed bank.

About the Quebec cannabis Seeds Bank:

Serving cannabis lovers since 2013, the Quebec Cannabis Seeds bank (QCS) in Montreal, Quebec is the first choice for the seeds of medicinal and recreational purposes.

Be its quality, support or everything you are looking for the best Canadian Seed bank is here at the Quebec cannabis Seeds.

Let us tell you more about the trusted brand…Read Further…

Specialties about the Quebec Cannabis Seeds Bank:

  • The most trusted, reliable and great credibility, that’s what Quebec cannabis seed bank has earned so far.
  • All kinds of growers loved this bank for its incomparable services in the cannabis market.
  • Website: While taking a look at the website, we found it user-friendly with lots of information. Also, we witnessed so many weekly deals and promotions and navigation friendly.

To put it another way, it’s worth visiting the Quebec Cannabis Seeds Bank website!

  • Customer Support: You must agree to this point that the success of any company lies in their team and support along with their quality.

And for this reason, you will be amazed to see how their 24/7 support works day and night to meet your requirements.

Surely, a great team!

  • Seed Selection: Dear Grower! Indeed a jackpot for you. Because Quebec Cannabis Seeds Bank has 50+ strains that are the best strains in the world.

Wondering! How do they do it?

Well, they work hard on their seeds to make them resistant to pests and that’s how they got their fame. They are experts in preparing quality hybrid seeds that are absolutely pest-free.

Isn’t it amazing?

  • Their most-selling seeds include Auto Bruce Banner Cannabis Seeds Feminized,

Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Sour Diesel, AK-39, AK 47 Feminized, Purple Kush, Quebec Durban, and Quebec Gold.

  • Germination Guarantee: Quebec Cannabis Seeds bank provides an 80% germination guarantee.
  • Packaging and Shipping: Discreet packaging, worldwide shipping but not for free. QCS provides a stealth shipping option too. You can buy the smallest pack of 5 seeds for the huge ones.
  • Payments modes: There are limited payment options as you can pay via Visa card, MasterCard or direct transfer. Sometimes for their valued customers, the company accepts payment via cryptocurrency too like Bitcoin.

Have a quick look at the plus and Minus points of Quebec-


  • Wide range of great seeds to choose from
  • Quality
  • Great customer Support
  • Easy to navigate website
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Discreet packaging
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Stealth shipping
  • Fast delivery
  • free seeds on the order above $150


  • Limited payment options
  • No refund policy

Visit the Official Website of Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank

#3 True North Seed Bank:

Typically, a small Canadian seed bank Yet worthy to stay among the Top 10!

About the True North Seeds Bank:

True North Seed Bank is comparatively a new Seed bank. But, it has marked its presence being a reliable and trustworthy store.

Initially, they were known for their medicinal marijuana strains but after cannabis got the legal stamp, they had transformed their collection.

Basically, hailed from Toronto, Canada, The True North Seed Bank( TNSB) works as a reseller as it usually collects 100% fresh marijuana seeds from local and global buyers.

Their quality of cannabis strains talks about their awesome collection. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to have its name listed among the best seed banks in Canada.

Specialties about the True North Seeds Bank:

  • Though being a small store, the True North has an impeccable reputation among buyers. You will be surprised to know that you can have all the strains you can have in another top Canadian seed bank, here and that too at a very reasonable rate.
  • Whether you are a newcomer or a regular buyer, check out these Canadian Seed Bank reviews and you will have an idea of the people love.
  • Website: We fell in love at first sight with the website! After all, who doesn’t love a simple and easy-flowing webpage?

Don’t believe me! Try yourself! it’s beautiful.

  • Customer Support: We have observed that TNSB is trying so hard to win hearts all over and thus leaving no stone unturned!

And, that’s why their customer support team works hard and tries to resolve all your queries. Conversely, you will be a little disappointed as their support is open from Mon-Fri from 10 am-7 pm only.

  • Seed Selection: All their marijuana seeds are collected from their best 60 growers and breeders including Delicious seeds, Barney’s farm, DJ shorts, G13 Labs, Dutch Passion. Though they don’t sell their own seeds, they are committed to selling fresh seeds only and hence their stock gets updated regularly.
  • What we loved about the store was that they discard the seed that are older than 6 months to maintain the quality.

Interesting, isn’t it? Read more…

  • Their most-selling seeds include Afghan Kush feminized seeds, Critical Kush seeds, many autoflowering seeds, regular seeds and many other weed seeds.
  • Unfortunately, TNSB does not provide any guarantee on germination.
  • Packaging and Shipping: Discreet packaging, Stealth shipping, worldwide shipping are on the cards of the True North Seed Bank. But, yes, free shipping is only available on orders above $420.

Even, you can avail of guaranteed delivery that is the delivery insurance if you pay $15 USD extra!

  • Payments modes: Many payment options for buyer’s assistance. Like Debit/Credit Cards, Wire transfers, International Money Orders, Cash, bank transfer, Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum with a 25% discount and free seeds.

Let’s have a closer look at the Pros and Cons of True north Seed bank.


  • Quality seeds from top breeders
  • Regularly updated stock
  • Extensive 5 days customer Support
  • Clean and smooth website
  • Discreet packaging
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Stealth shipping
  • Fast delivery
  • Free seeds on every purchase
  • Various modes of payment.


  • No guarantee on germination
  • No free shipping available below the $420 order value
  • No round the clock support

Visit the Official Website of True North Seed Bank

Are you excited to look at another seed bank?

#4 Toronto Cannabis seed Bank: A reputable trusted bank to buy cannabis seeds

Another awesome Canadian Seed bank on our list!

Having been known to provide quality marijuana seeds, Toronto cannabis seeds bank is serving the cannabis society for more than 15 years.

Let’s know it better…

About the Toronto cannabis Seeds Bank:

The bank has its base in Ontario. They are in the field for more than 15 years. Toronto seeds bank has started with a few traditional and regular cannabis seeds like Ak-47, GDP, White Widow, Critical Mass , Sour Diesel, etc.

Needless to say, that after winning many Canadian customers fanbase, they started breeding their own seeds and also buy seeds from the top Canadian seed bank breeders. Hence the quality and the reputation.

Specialties about the Toronto Cannabis Seed Bank:

  • Toronto Cannabis has gained name and fame due to its aim to provide high-quality cannabis seeds always.
  • Website: The website is user-friendly with easy navigation. What we loved is that it is clutter-free and ultimately simple and well as informative.

You can check on your own!

  • Customer Support: They have a hard-working professional team to listen to their customer queries and also 24/7 chat support.
  • Seed Selection: First and the foremost thing about their marijuana seed collection is that all their seeds are homegrown in Canada and thus ensure freshness.

Also, they have huge almost 150 kinds of various popular marijuana seeds in their collection. Whether you want feminized seeds, autoflowering, regular seeds, CBD or THC strains, you are going to have it.

How do they manage such a huge collection? Great!

  • Their most-selling seeds include Auto Bruce Banner Cannabis Seeds, Girl Scout Cookies, Purple Kush, Quebec Durban, Quebec Blue and Quebec Gold.
  • Surprisingly, they provide guaranteed delivery.
  • Packaging and Shipping: Discreet packaging and worldwide stealth shipping available.
  • Payments modes: The Seed bank provide many payment options as international money orders, bank transfers, cash, Visa/Mastercard, and E- transfer for Canada only.

Truly deserving! the best to stand with top online seed banks.


  • Over 150 different strains in their collection
  • Great customer Support
  • Simple and easy website
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Discreet delivery
  • Guaranteed shipping
  • Stealth shipping
  • Free marijuana seeds with every order


  • No cryptocurrency payment is available
  • Delivery only in 5 working days

Visit the Official Website of Toronto Cannabis Seed Bank

Let’s check what our Canadian Seed bank reviews carry next for you!

#5. Montreal Cannabis Seeds:

A true choice for having happy cannabis plants!

About the Montreal cannabis Seeds Bank:

Since its inception in the year 2015, the Montreal Cannabis Seed bank has had a huge fanbase due to its promising quality.

People say that growing marijuana with the seeds purchased from Montreal is real fun!

Specialties about the Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank:

  • Website: Montreal Cannabis seeds bank has a very simple website but lacks information and is not very user-friendly.
  • Customer Support: We didn’t find any chat support though you can surely contact them through calls or emails. You can expect a prompt response from their team.
  • Seed Selection: The company policy ensures to work with only the top breeders of the industry. Moreover, they handpick their own strains in order to provide quality.

Sincerely, we loved this feature about Montreal!

Some of the top breeders they deal with are resin seeds, Digital genetics, Royal queen seeds, G-13 , Dinafem, Jordan of the islands.

  • Their most-selling seeds include Purple Kush, Northern Lights, Royal Cheese and Cream Mandarine, Quebec Purple Bud, Auto flower Cannabis Mix, Gorilla Glue feminized marijuana seeds.
  • 80% Guarantee over germination of seeds.
  • Packaging and Shipping: Discreet shipping is available but you need to beat shipping cost.
  • Payments modes: Credit/ Debit cards, Visa/ Mastercard, Bitcoin,

Indeed to stand with top online seed banks.


  • Only top-quality cannabis seed strains are available.
  • Discreet delivery
  • 80% germination rate
  • Free cannabis seeds with every order


  • The website is not user friendly
  • No 24/7 support

Visit the Official Website of Montreal Cannabis Seed Bank

Keep reading… we have more!

#6 Vancouver Seed Bank:

The next reliable seed bank to buy marijuana seeds is the Vancouver Seed bank.

About the Vancouver Seed Bank:

The seed bank is located in Vancouver and is selling the best cannabis seeds globally. Though its history is not known much, we found this seed bank one among the most loved!

Specialties about the Vancouver Seeds Bank:

  • Amazingly they sell thousands of top marijuana strains worldwide.
  • Website: Overall a good, informative and friendly website! Simple yet carries a lot of information.

I bet you will also feel the same…

  • Customer Support: Their customer team is their backbone for sure! You will experience all kinds of support while live chat, through calls or emails, you will be excited to see how promptly their team responds!
  • Seed Selection: Coming to the most important part- Seeds selection and collection!

Well, it’s huge! Great 200 plus world’s top-quality marijuana seeds under one roof! What else you need?

Not only this, but you will observe 38+ fast-growing seeds are also there in their collection!

Can you imagine their collection?

  • Their most-selling seeds include Northern Lights, Skunk No. 1, Gorilla Glue, Chemdawg and many more.
  • Apart from these this top seed bank ensures 80% germination.
  • Packaging and Shipping: Sells marijuana seeds worldwide with extra cost. Also, provides stealth shipping.
  • Payments modes: Credit cards, Debit cards, Email transfer, Money Order and Bitcoin

What’s say? Doesn’t it possess all the qualities of a top Canadian seed bank?


  • Huge collection
  • Great customer Support
  • Good website
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Guaranteed Worldwide shipping
  • Stealth shipping
  • Fast delivery
  • Refund policy if not satisfied


  • Limited payment options

Visit the Official Website of Vancouver Seed Bank

Hey! list is not yet over…

#7 BC Bud Depot Seed Bank:

Are you in search of legit seed banks? We will tell you about one best Canadian seed banks to buy marijuana seeds.

About the BC Bud Depot Seed Bank:

BC Bud Depot is known for selling quality seeds of different marijuana strains worldwide. Even, it is no wonder to say that it is a comprehensive marijuana seed bank to fulfill all your needs to grow cannabis plants.

Therefore, BC Bud Depot is among our top picks of the top Canadia Seed banks!

Specialties about the BC Bud Depot Seed Bank:

  • The most loved part is that BC Bud has won more than 35 cannabis cups awards. OMG! unbelievable.
  • Website: Obviously, we cannot expect a big and reputed Canadian seed bank to have a low-key website. You will find many marijuana strains with detailed information. In short, a smooth web experience.
  • Customer Support: What to expect! They have surely the best customer support team who are at our service throughout the day.
  • Seed Selection: More than 500 Weed strains! Isn’t it mind-blowing? What’s more, is that these marijuana strains are of the best quality.
  • Their most-selling seeds include Cindrella 99, BC God Bud, BC Cheese, and many more including their own strains and also medical cannabis.
  • Above all 90% germination rate! Now, do you want anything more for your cannabis plants?
  • Packaging and Shipping: Worldwide guaranteed delivery. Also, provides stealth delivery too. Furthermore, they send replacement Cannabis Seeds without any single penny charged!
  • Payments modes: Cash, Credit cards, Debit cards, Email transfer, Bank Transfer, Money Order and Bitcoin

Here, you must be amazed by the qualities of BC Bud!


  • Huge collection of more than 500 weed seeds strains
  • Good customer Support
  • Easy and smooth web experience
  • chat support
  • Guaranteed Worldwide shipping
  • Stealth delivery
  • Fast delivery
  • easy returns policy


  • Limited payment options
  • Expensive

Visit the Official Website of BC Bud Depot Seed Bank

Keep reading as we have more for you!

#8 Dr. Seeds seed Bank:

Dr. seeds seed bank is the place that makes growing cannabis plants a real fun.

About the Dr. Seeds Seed Bank:

A small Canadian seed bank that is worthy to be our one of the top picks. Mostly, loved for its finest healthy marijuana strains.

Specialties about the Dr. Seeds Seed Bank:

  • Website: Kudos! to their webpage. Simple yet structured and very informative.
  • Customer Support: A great staff all over! You will get an immediate response to your queries.
  • Seed Selection: Great healthy strains to ship worldwide. They sell feminized, autoflowers, CBD, THC strains of wonderful quality.
  • Their most-selling seeds include Granddaddy Purple, Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, and Bruce Banner, etc.
  • 80% germination rate! Not bad. I think so.
  • Packaging and Shipping: Worldwide very fast delivery. You can have small to large packs of a single type or mix strains.
  • Payments modes: Cash, Credit cards, Debit cards, Email transfer, Bank Transfer, Money Order. It’s safe to pay them as they provide SSL certificates to ensure safety.

We won’t mind recommending Dr. seeds seed bank. Do you?


  • Finest strains at good health
  • Great supportive team
  • Good website
  • chat support
  • Guaranteed Worldwide shipping
  • Stealth delivery
  • Very Fast delivery
  • Reasonable price


  • Limited payment options and
  • limited guarantee on germination of seeds

Visit Dr. Seeds Seed Bank website

Don’t stop! we have something to share…The exciting FAQs! Don’t miss out!

FAQs about Best Canadian Seed Banks

Q1. What should we consider ahead of selecting the best seed bank in Canada?

Ans: First of all, we are not surprised by the question. As it is quite common and strikes to everyone’s mind at least once.

Ahead of buying seeds from a seed bank, consider the following-

  1. The reputation of the seed bank– It should not be new and have a good fanbase.
  2. Customer Support– You must check before buying. a good reputed seed bank always ready to cater to its customers to their satisfaction.
  3. Seeds Quality and collection- A must check. A genuine and huge seed collection ensures the credibility of the bank.
  4. Germination guarantee– to ensure you get the best you paid for!
  5. Multiple payment options– If your seed bank is genuine, it will surely have multiple options for payments, else don’t go for it.
  6. Stealth-Delivery option– A reputable seed bank usually provide this option
  7. Delivery Time– A reliable seed bank should deliver in less than a month.
  8. Guaranteed Delivery: You must choose the one to ensure that your package will reach to you.

Q 2. I am getting seeds at a very cheap price on a new website. Should I buy from them? They are giving huge discounts.

Ans: A big NO to such newbies! Look! Cannabis is expensive. But buying them from a new seller can be a big loss. These banks attract buyers through their promotion and sale coupons.

To assist you, we are giving you the following options where you can get the best deals.

  • Check for the rotating promotions on the premium websites, sometimes you may get up to 50% off.
  • Don’t go for various coupons sites, usually the end up in wasting our time and money.
  • You can avail free seeds or loyalty programs at a genuine website.
  • Or, you may opt to pay with cryptocurrencies. Some seed banks provide a huge relief it you choose to pay with Bitcoin and others.
  • Checkout for their flash deals or coupon codes on the reputed websites, and plan your shopping accordingly.

These are the few methods by which you can save your money.

Q3. Should I believe in Customer reviews of the website of seed banks?

Ans: Definitely, a tricky question to answer.

These days fake reviews are everywhere. You will find that reviews are getting bought and sold. Its really hard to find genuine reviews.

Yet, try these:

  • Try to go with someone’s personal experience. That may be your friend, relative, sibling, colleague, etc.
  • If you find that the bank has no or very few reviews, don’t consider it to put your money. I agree that they may be good but let some people experience them first.
  • It is important to note that negative reviews doesn’t always mean that the bank is good or bad. here you should understand that either one or two services may not be good or those reviews are written by their rivals.
  • Yes, dear, it happens.
  • Keep your eyes and mind open to find out the genuine positive reviews.

Closedown of our review:

So! moving towards the closure…

Hope that you enjoyed reading the honest and unbiased review of the best Canadian Seedbanks. We have tried to mention what we personally liked and disliked about these famous seeds banks.

Assuming that you will get benefit from reading this review as all of them are the top-shelf choice of experts. Surely, it is hard to find one and only seed bank with no minus points. Still, we are confident enough that we have somehow helped you in growing your lovely Cannabis Plants through our eyes…

By the way, what’s your opinion? It will be a great pleasure to hear from you.

While writing this review, there was only one aim, that is to make growing cannabis as enjoyable as smoking it. Hopefully, we succeeded!

We love to grow it, smoke it, feel it, After all, it’s our love-Marijuana!

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