Encyclopedia of THC Detox: Know everything you don’t know about!

THC detox Time

Surely! You are here not accidentally but you need to prepare your body for a detox drug test. You might be a sportsperson, a student who is taking admission to a reputed university or an aspirant employee seeking to pass the drug test on the first day of your job.

You may be any one of them but you have the same motto- i.e. to flush out weed you last taken from your system.

Cherish this article and find out the best THC detox methods! Know the various detox kits, best THC detox methods, how to pass drug tests and many more!

It is not an article IT’s an Encyclopedia.

FAQs About marijuana detox

Q1. What is THC Detox? What is its need?

In the Cannabis world, THC detox or detoxification is a process to flush out toxins created by the weed you have taken, from your body.

Why do we need to detox from weed?

As we all know, Though legalization of marijuana is soaring in the world. Still for your workplace, or sports or other reasons, a hard-core stoner is not making a good reputation.

The reason may be your job or to keep your awards and medals safe or it is about your status, all depends upon you to pass a drug test.

Therefore it is safe to keep yourself prepared to face these consequences.

Q2. Effect of Weed usually lasts few hours then why should we go for taking THC detox methods?

Yes! I know this question definitely strikes our minds!

Well, that is absolutely true. Whatever weed do we consume definitely leaves its effects for few hours? But it doesn’t mean that it goes out from your body. Our body’s natural cleansing process is slow and THC stores in the form of body fat.

Here is a catch!

The High component in a weed is THC-tetrahydrocannabinol. That means THC is responsible for all the effects we face.

When metabolism takes place in the liver, THC being highly fat-soluble gets stick to the tissues and other parts. From there it slowly gets mingled with blood. The self-detox process of the body is relatively slow and this is the reason when you could not pass a drug test.

Furthermore, regular Cannabis intake could be dangerous for the professions like a doctor, traffic policeman, and others too. That is why detoxification is the prime need,

Do you know? The THC can be traced from your body till 90 days or even more! Strange, isn’t it?

Q3. Can you tell me that for how long weed can stay in our system?

Surprisingly, Marijuana can stay in our system for a longer period than you may think. The THC traces can be found in your blood, urine, saliva, hair follicles.

And, it takes different times to leave all these body parts.


You may fail a urine test from 72 hours to 4 weeks. Regular consumption may result in a positive urine test for a longer period.


24 hours to 36 hours


Usually, 12 hours but may exceed 72 hours or more.


90 days or more again depends on how frequently you consume the weed.


1-2 weeks.

Here it is important to note that all these parameters can vary from person to person and their usage.

Thus, it is important to know that to pass a drug test, you should leave the usage of weed at least 3-4 months before.

What are the different types of Drug tests?

THC Detox -Lab Test

There are many types of drug tests available. Some common drug tests include-

  1. Urine Drug Test
  2. Hair Follicle Test
  3. Blood Test
  4. Saliva Drug Test
  5. Sweat test

There are some more tests available. The most common and inexpensive way to perform drug testing is the Urine test and blood testing.

1. Urine Drug Test:

As the name suggests, in this test, a urine sample of the testing subject is taken and lab testing is done to check THC metabolites.

This test is very common and conducted in accidental cases, criminal cases, for employment and other many businesses related to transports and public welfare.

Beware! if you are a regular stoner, you could test positive for marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, opiates etc.

Though urine tests are quite common, the result may not be adequate if the subject is a frequent weeder!


  • Inexpensive
  • fast result


  • Not adequate results in case of a regular weeder
  • Not suitable to check recent drug usage

2. Hair Follicle Drug Test:

Great test! yet can’t test the latest weed intake.

How it is conducted:

In this test, the subject’s hair is taken and the test is done by professionals. At least a 1.5″ hair sample of the newest hair is taken for this drug test.

Interesting to note that every 1/2 inch of your hair tells the story of the weed consumption done in the past months.

It takes time to result as compared to other drug tests. It can test various drug metabolites phencyclidine (PCP), methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, marijuana.

Shockingly!, The hair test can test for THC from the past 4-5 days to more than 90 days. But cannot find if you’ve consumed it last night or a day before.


  • Good for historic consumption as it can detect drug Usage THC in your system from 4 days to 3 months.
  • Accuracy is good


  • Takes time to result
  • Not suitable to check recent drug usage

3. Blood Tests:

How it is conducted:

Obviously, blood tests samples are taken to conduct this test. These samples further get analyzed by the team of experts in the laboratory.

Although it is a common drug test, yet it provides the most reliable results than any other drug test. It is useful to obtain the THC and alcohol usage up to 24 hours of the consumption.

But be careful marijuana lovers! A blood test is extremely reliable to detect THC traces weeks after you last inhaled!


  • Extremely reliable
  • Carried by experts in the labs
  • It can detect marijuana even weeks after taken


  • Can detect alcohol usage of past 24 hours only

4. Saliva Drug Tests:

If you have consumed a drug a few days ago, and if you are about to take the saliva drug test, then seriously luck you!

As Saliva test reveals only the latest consumption of the drugs.

How it is conducted:

In this drug test, the concerned person needs to spit in a cup for an oral swab test. Then that collected saliva is tested for the presence of amphetamine, cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamine and marijuana.


  • Reliable enough to detect the latest usage
  • Can give fast results
  • Can detect multiple drugs


  • It will not detect marijuana after 10 hours of its usage.

5. Sweat test:

How it is conducted:

This test is recently added among the drug tests.

Interesting is that in this drug test, a patch is enforced onto the suspect’s skin and then it is monitored by leaving it for 14 days. After 14 days, the patch is examined for the presence of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, etc.


  • This test can detect many drugs.
  • Give accurate results


  • Takes a long time to result.

Noticeably, these are the most common tests that detect drug substance usage. However, many other tests are there to find the same.

Best THC Detox Methods

THC detox - best methods

Can you afford to see yourself losing any great opportunity just because of failing the drug test?

Obviously, No. None of us can let this happen.

Then, what if you have consumed weed some time ago and now you are scared to face any drug test. We all know that “opportunities knock on the door but once.” And, when it is a matter of your life, you must try everything to grab.

Hence, to assist you in passing your drug tests, we have summed up some amazing DIY THC detox methods that may help you in getting optimistic results in the upcoming drug test:

  • Detox Drink
  • Detox Pills
  • THC Detox Kits
  • Detox Mouthwash
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

So, without much ado, let’s get into the details of each of them.

#1 THC Detox Drinks:

What if you got to know that you have only a few hours of your drug test? You don’t need to be worried or anxious. You can rely on detox drinks.

Detox Drinks are flavoured energy drinks that help you to spruce up the marijuana substances from your body and help you in passing the drug test.

There are many Detox Drinks available in the Market, we will include only the best THC Detox drinks of them.

  • Mega Clean Detox Drink
  •  XXtra Clean Herbal Cleanse by detoxify
  • Detox Tea

Mega Clean Detox Drink: best detox drink

THC detox drink

As we know that the THC metabolites stick to our fat cells and takes time to leave our body, this mega clean detox drink is the ultimate to trust upon. It helps in fasting the detox process of the body.

This drink is amazingly flavoured with hints of citrus fruits like orange, strawberry, cherry etc. Not only in flavour but also this detox drink has an excellent aroma.

Mega Clean will rejuvenate you by providing immense energy and smoothly takes out all the harmful substances.

You must be cautious that this is effective at the max of 5 hours after the consumption of the beverage.

Needless to mention that there is a need for an extra dose of your time elapsed.


  • It is widely available
  • Very effective for a short term goal
  • If followed the instructions carefully, you will surely pass the drug test
  • Flavourful with great aroma
  • Great reviews
  • It comes with a great test kit


  • Expensive
  • may cause some side effects

XXtra Clean Herbal Cleanse by detoxify:

If you are looking for some vitamins and supplements enriched detox method then do have a look here.

This is an absolutely wonderful detox drink with a flavour of the grape drink.


  • Healthy vitamin and minerals rich
  • helpful for short term results


  • Costly
  • You need to pee frequently after consuming it.

Here, I must tell you that the best Thc detox drink is the Mega Clean detox drink.

Detox Tea:

This can be used as a detox method before your drug testing.

But the catch is that this tea can result better with the consumption of other detox strategies like drinks, pills, etc.

Our green tea, Herbal teas, chamomile tea, Black tea, White Tea, Mint Tea, all help in flushing out weed substances to leave your fat cells and pass a drug test.

Additionally, they are effective only with the use of other THC detox methods.


  • Easy
  • Home Remedy
  • Inexpensive


These are effective with other detox methods.

#2 Detox Pills: Toxin Rid weed detox kits are best to pass a drug test

Toxin Rid pills have been used for a long to pass a drug test. Thus, before giving your urine sample, blood test or any other drug test, take a pill and chill!

Hey! do you have enough time for your drug test like 10-15 days? If yes, then look nowhere for help.

Toxin Rid detox pills is one of the best THC detox ways and the most reliable one. These detox pills are made up of all-natural ingredients and surprisingly, don’t use any animal product. Hence suitable for vegans too.

It comes with 5 days detox program. You can follow to take out THC from your body fat.

Toxin rid acts very quickly and speeds up the metabolism and helps toxins remove the fat cells of your body. Thus provide satisfactory results.


As written on the pack you need to take 15 pills in a day consecutively for 5 days. And, all your worries come out from your body in the form of toxins. Also, you need to consume the detox liquid that comes along the pills after consuming the last pill of the day.

Now, you must have understood what the Toxin Rid means!! Surely, the best weed detox kit

  • Very effective THc detox kit
  • Easy
  • Consists all-natural ingredients
  • Vegan friendly
  • Expensive
  • May cause side-effects

#3 Home Remedies:

There are several home remedies to get rid of toxins caused by weed. Though slow but effective THC detox strategies.

Let’s have a look.

  • Lemon Juice
  • Water
  • Coffee

Lemon Juice:

lemon juice is a very cheap detox liquid. It is a proven acidic drink to fast your metabolism. We have been using this traditional drink for ages to settle our metabolism.

Isn’t it amazing to use such a natural and familiar drink for our biggest worry?

But, wait!

How much lemon juice you can take in a day? 2-4 glasses. Am I right?

Conversely buddy! To take out weed from your body, you need to gulp at least 8-10 glasses of lemon juice.

Got it! Why it is not so easy?


  • Natural home remedy
  • Easy and cost-effective


  • you can never trust completely
  • You need to consume 8-10 glasses a day
  • May cause throat irritation being acidic


Coffee works as a detox agent as consuming coffee will let you pee more often.

However, it is important to take vitamin supplements with coffee to faster the detox process of the body.


  • Natural
  • Easy to consume
  • Cheap


  • You feel like peeing often
  • Not reliable to pass a drug test

#4 Cranberry Juice:

Give yourself a tasty detox treat by gulping scrumptious Cranberry juice!

Do you know that many medical practitioners, as well as experienced weeders, agree that cranberry juice is a natural cleansing agent?

Being a diuretic, you will often feel like peeing after consuming cranberry juice. It is best advised to be taken blended with water. This juice rectifies your liver and flushes your fat cells stuck toxins very quickly.

In addition, you must take vitamin B along with cranberry.

  • Tasty and natural detox drink
  • An inexpensive way to take out weed from your body
  • Can be prepared easily at home


  • Not reliable to pass a drug test

#5 Apple Cider Vinegar: Great for hair drug test

Undoubtedly, the most powerful natural detox drink is Apple Cider vinegar. It removes all the unwanted substances including THC from your body very fast and amazingly fastens the detox program.

I would like to add here, it is too good for fatty liver and body fat, kidneys and other body parts. Amazingly, it improves immunity and makes your metabolism work faster.

Please be sure to have it with water as direct intake can harm the soft tissues of the mouth and tongue as it is a great acidic drink. Also, it may cause inflammation.

  • natural, easy detox drinks
  • Great for hair drug test
  • may cause inflammation

#6 Mouthwash for Oral Drug Test: Effective THC Detox

What if you already know that your swab will be taken for the drug testing? Then it’s great and you should take advantage.

This Toxin rid rescue wash helped many in terms of saving their jobs and other opportunities. As we all are aware of that saliva tests are gaining popularity in being very easy and feasible. Even, it can be done live and soon produces results.

Before taking your Saliva test, simply put 1/3 bottle of this mouthwash into your mouth for few minutes and then rinse. Again do it the same 2 more times till the bottle finishes.

The company ensures to pass any saliva test after having it. But, here, you should keep in mind not to eat or drink anything to avoid alteration in the results.

  • Short-period remedy
  • very effective
  • Expensive one

#7 Shampoo for Hair follicle Test:

Another effective THC detox method. Yet, you must know that you are going to have your hair test.

Aloe Toxin rid shampoo removes toxins effectively from your hair. Thus you will be able to pass any hair follicle drug testing.

Of course, a very effective way to take out drug metabolites.

  • Very effective
  • Easy to use
  • Quite expensive

Definitely, all these THC detox methods have their significance in ahead of testing. You can use any or many of them.

How about Doing Drug Testing at Home before facing the real one?

As of now, you came to know about the THC drug detox methods. Now, will it be great that you will test the presence of THC metabolites inside your body?

Certainly, it will.

You will be surprised to know that there are a number of ways to check marijuana use.

  1. Synthetic Urine
  2. Marijuana drug test Kit

1. Synthetic Urine:

As the name says, it is artificial urine that is replaced by your urine samples. It is a very popular and surefire way to pass a drug test.

Here, it is very important to note that you should buy synthetic urine kits from a branded company. We have enlisted here a few for you!

Synthetic Urine by Test Clear: A powdered Urine kit

This is very effective in dehydrated powdered urine. It is prepared after a lot of research and contains the very essential compound uric acid.

It will help you in clearing any urine drug test.


It is an electronic device that maintains the temperature of the liquid synthetic urine to pass a urine testing. It is reliable and reusable.

Incognito belt:

It is a product of clear choice that not only produces fake urine but also helps you to pass a drug test. It is 100% reliable synthetic urine.

Other synthetic urine top brands are quick Luck and Sub Solution that makes a replica of human urine and thus helps you to clear your urine test.

2. Marijuana Drug Test Kit: home drug test kit

You will be amazed that these things exist!

This home drug test kit is absolute bliss for those who are about to have their drug tests.

Follow these steps –

  • Open the kit at room temperature and when you are ready to go for a pee.
  • After collecting your urine sample, just let the test panel be dipped into it for 15 seconds on the flat surface.
  • Make sure you do not cross the mark. Wait for another 5 minutes.
  • Check:

If One line appears- THC is present

Two Lines- THC is Absent

No line- Invalid Test

Easy. Isn’t it?

Guide to Reduce THC levels without THC Detox Kits

  1. Exercise Regularly
  2. Stop Weed Consumption
  3. Stay active
  4. Drink Tea
  5. Drink water and fluids
  6. Go for green
  7. Practice meditation

Stay with us! Keep Reading!

The Withdrawl Symptoms

We have seen the way to remove toxins, THC detox, reduce THC levels in natural ways. But here is the most important THC detox Q uery that how will you come to know that THC is leaving you.

Here is the answer:

When THC leaves you its withdrawal symptoms could be very strong. You will notice the following changes-

Mental Change:

  • Increased irritation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • weight loss
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite

Physical Changes-

  • Stomach upset
  • Shivering
  • Excessive sweats
  • Headaches
  • Craving for weed

The notable point is that THC detox could be highly dangerous for pregnant ladies. It is thus advisable to avoid marijuana use throughout the time of your pregnancy.

The Bottom Line:

Whether you are using any THC detox Kit or fake urine sample or swab test and hair follicles test, you must keep in mind that nothing assures you of passing the drug tests.

They can help you through but it is up to your consumption of weed, your frequency of marijuana use, your lifestyle, that will have a combined effect on the test result. Henceforth, you should stay cautious to avoid weed along before taking the test.

Although cannabis is getting a lot of attention and their medical usage has also been accepted. Yet to consume low will help you rather than being addicted to it.

Hopefully, this encyclopedia of THC detox will help you in chasing your ultimate dreams. Don’t let your goal leave you coz you are a stoner!

Always learn, it’s never easy to readjust yourself, It never was and it never will be. !

Have a great, happy and worthy life!

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