How long do edibles stay in your system? -5 Never Told Before factors that alter marijuana stay

How long do edibles stay in your system

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Are you worried about the cannabis edibles you consumed recently? Or, You have a job interview and you need to pass a drug test? Or some really once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is knocking at your door?

Whatever it may be, you are curious to know about when the last THC trace will leave you? Am I Right?

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In recent times, marijuana use has exponentially soared around the world. The trend is bending towards new experiments and edibles are among them. Not exactly new, yet you can see new marijuana edibles getting introduced into the market.

Well, consuming edibles definitely satiate us in terms of long-term high, and other medical benefits. But, a thought of a drug test will let you think about the time for how long THC edibles stay in our system can surely trouble us.

Let’s find out, the consequences that let them stay in your system, Cannabis edibles effects, the factors that alter the marijuana stay in the system etc.

Read Carefully!

What are Cannabis Edibles?

Before proceeding further, let me tell you about marijuana edibles.

Cannabis Edibles: implies ‘Tasty High’. Marijuana edibles are the other forms of cannabis that come in various forms and you can enjoy them. You can smoke or vape & also you can eat edibles.

Putting simply, we can state that the THC infused edibles are the popular form of cannabis products that can be enjoyed in the form of gummies, lollipops, lozenges, brownies and other sweet snacks like cookies and also drinks.

Also, medical marijuana users use edible in the form of medicines to help their cardiovascular system.

Definitely, edibles are easy to carry and enjoy. These are boons for those weed lovers who don’t want to smoke or have quit smoking due to some health issues.

When did to enjoy your last edible?

Let’s check out how long edibles stay in a person’s body?

How long do edibles stay in your system?

Undoubtedly, drug tests would detect THC that has been stuck into the fat cells of your body. Then, you must know the deadline for consuming sweet snacks ahead of your upcoming drug test.

As we all know that we all possess distinct bodies. And, every human body reacts differently. Thus, it is an extremely debating topic to detect the actual time of marijuana stay in a body.

Don’t get disappointed. just read thoroughly to get the final answer!

Now, the answer depends on the various factors.

  1. Form of edible taken
  2. THC stay differently in Different body parts
  3. Addictive nature of a person
  4. Amount of THC levels in the edibles
  5. Your BMI and metabolism

Let’s understand each one of them to get the query resolved.

#1 Form of Marijuana Edibles taken: Must understand to pass drug tests

Surprised! yes, I know.

As we all consume edibles through our mouth, they will surely be treated by our digestive system. Then what makes a difference in having any edible?

To answer this, let’s know the various forms of edibles:

All take different times to get digested.

1) Gastrointestinal Edibles like cakes, brownies, cookies, gummies:

The edibles that get into our digestive tract when our body absorbs them are known as Gastrointestinal Edibles.

They take a long time to digest. As well as longer to onset. Gastrointestinal Edibles begin to feel their impact usually after half an hour to one hour or even longer after consuming in.

Even they don’t leave us so early. These types of edibles take several hours like 8-9 hours for digestion.


Onset time: 1/2 an hour to 1-hour

Digestion time: 8-9 hours

2) Lozenges, Lollipops, and other Oral edibles:

Oral products like lollipops, lozenges or anything that stays in our mouth for some time get absorbed through our Saliva.

These work faster as you can feel their effects within 10-20 minutes. But, they remain in our system only for 2- 3 hours. Good for having a fast high effect!

Onset time: 10-20 min

Digestion time: 2-3 hours

3) Hybrid edibles like Drinks:

These hybrid drinks are loved by stoners as they can be absorbed by both like

gastrointestinal tract as well as orally via saliva.

Interestingly enough, that this THC-consumed cannabis has a fast onset time while its digestion process may last up to several hours.

Onset Time: 15-20 min

Digestion time: 5-6 hours

Now, you must have understood why forms of THC consumed is important while answering their stay timing in our system.

#2 How long do THC stay in different body parts: Important for drug screen

If your drug test coming your way, then this section is for you!

Certainly, we all are well aware of the fact that THC stays in our bodies in the form of fat cells. However, it is important to note that you can come out test positive for many days after consuming your last edible because cannabinoids in edibles get release into the bloodstream very slowly and thus takes time to leave our system.

Whether you are appearing for a blood test, urine test, or hair test, you should be aware of your possibilities of coming test positive.

Marijuana stays in
  • Blood: 4-5 hours
  • Urine: up to one month
  • Saliva: 2- 3 days to one week
  • Hair: 45-90 days

Notably, It is important to note that THC may be found for an extended period in those who have an addiction to consuming cannabis.

#3 Addictive Nature of the person:

Addiction surely alters the time to get THC detected. Normal casual users would get freed by the toxins at a certain time.

While for a regular weeder, THC or marijuana is already stored in his body fat. Again, consuming regularly will slow down the process. Therefore, Addiction may lead to taking time to leave your body.

#4 Amount of THC Levels in the edible:

Absolutely, high doses or high THC levels stay in our body longer than those who consume low dosage. as additional THC cannabinoids would stay in our system in the form of fat cells for much longer.

Hence, you must check the amount of THC in the food products you have consumed.

#5 Your BMI, body type and Metabolism:

Curious to know how your metabolism leads to the longer life of cannabis in our system? Read along!

Well, metabolism and health are a few physiological factors that have some non-ignorant effects.

A slow metabolism will surely slow down the digestion process. The more amount of THC consumed, the more time it will take to digest.

Henceforth, it is extremely worthy to be fit or exercise to keep slow metabolism and high BMI at bay. After all, a heavy body is a result of slow metabolism. Definitely, THC takes half-life in a fit body.

So, now you must have understood that how long do edibles stay in our system depend upon various factors.

FAQ’s about How long Edibles stay in your system

Q1. Does smoking marijuana make THC relieve faster?

Indeed it is. Inhaled THC that is Smoking weed has a short time effect than consuming an edible. As edibles stay in our body for a longer period and thus mingled with our fat cells. Though Thc by smoke also gets stick to our body fat it gets released into our blood faster than the edible.

Q2. I eat Edibles for recreational use only, still, I need to be afraid to face drug tests?

Of course, A few things you need to keep in your mind as no matter for which purpose you are having it, our body processes edibles slowly and there is a fair chance that THC traces would be found in your blood, urine, and other body parts.

Q3. Can I help naturally to pass my drug test?

Not exactly but yes, you can do a few things ahead of your test like

  • Stop consuming cannabis
  • Exercise more
  • Do practice meditation
  • Drink Tea
  • Drink plenty of water

Final Words:

Needless to say that consuming cannabis is not a problem. It is getting a good name across the world, but, if you are about to lose your life’s biggest achievements like medals, recognition, job, etc. Then, you must act immediately and stay cautious.

Do care of yourself and read this article ‘ How long do edibles stay in your system’ to have all your answers.

Hopefully, you have found the article favourable though!

Stay active and stay happy.

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