The Top 10 Most Trusted Online Dispensaries in Canada for you

All your weed needs under one roof-Online Dispensary.

Are you craving to buy weed online from an online dispensary in Canada? Well, then welcome to the right place.

Here you will find the top-notch best online dispensary for yourself in Canada.

Since the legalization of marijuana took place, the weed market has been flourishing. And so, the demand to buy weed online is exponentially growing. With the pandemic outbreak, online weed banks have evolved to meet the rise in demand.

Thus, there is a need to list the best available dispensaries with their specifications in one place. Consequently, ensure to assist you in making the right decision.

Looking for best online dispensary in Canada? Unfolding here the best ones:

We revealed here the premium stores to buy the best cannabis online. Our list verifies the strains quality, customer service, website, delivery features of the dispensaries.

1. The Grow House Online Dispensary:

The Grow House is one of the best online weed stores on the West Coast. Their success lies in the quality of the seeds they get from only the best growers and concentrate labs.

They are well known for their descent bud quality and reasonable price among all.

Cannabis Products:

To catch the glimpse of the store, you need to first pass through their simple registration method that will ask you your username or email address. This is obviously to stop minors from stopping by.

Once you get in and sign up, you will see a quality of marijuana strains and various products like pre-rolls, THC concentrates, and edibles, buds, and flowers, Indica, Sativa , Mix & hybrid strain.

You will also notice the variety of cannabis products available at The Grow House. This led to the descent selection options.

Premium buds are the result of the combined effort of the best growers and the store’s consistency in selling only the best.


If we talk about their website, it is easy to navigate, very informative consists of every detail. Therefore, their website is loved by buyers. The main issue is with the grammar. They need to work on it!

The Grow House dispensary has very efficient manpower working for them. Their skilled team keeps the detail of every buyer and product.

You will get a prompt response to your query. They have a very strong support system for their customers.

Shipping :

However, they really need to work on their shipping and delivery as delivery takes longer than usual. The Grow House uses Canada Post Xpress Post for delivery of the order. Canada post delivery is reliable.

They are quite active on Social media like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Visit The Grow House


  • Good collection of products
  • Reasonable Price
  • Attractive promotional offers
  • Monthly Subscription available
  • The prompt response over queries
  • rated 4.00 on TrustPilot


  • Prolonged delivery service
  • Limited Customer reviews on the Internet

2. Herb Approach: Order Best weed online

Herb Approach has magnificent experience in the cannabis industry. They have more than 15 years of standing among all, and thus, a well-known name.

They left no stones unturned in their way of being perfect. That can easily get shown in their products.

Located in British Columbia, Herb approach is the very big giant among all mail order marijuana sellers.

Herb approach collects its premium weed buds and other products from BC’s best dominant weed growers.

Their products include variety of Sativa and Indica strains, edibles, gummies, apparel, rolling papers, CBD oils, vapes, extracts, tinctures, and tropicals, flower, THC strain too.

Additionally, they have Mushroom drinks, mushroom edibles, mushroom capsules, and also dried mushrooms. Just see the variety in their goods.

Their products tell the story of their excellence.


Customers have poured their love into Herb Approach. You won’t find any ratings less than 4.00 out of 5. This proves their outstanding service.


Again, If we talk about their website, it is a very friendly one. Very quick registration steps followed by asking your email address password.

Designed to give you the value of information, you will find exclusive sale and discount offers for you to avail.
Shipping and Packaging:

Herb Approach has set a benchmark in shipping. Their shipping takes almost in no time. Just a negative point is that they don’t ship to the US.

Photo by Add Weed on Unsplash

Discreet vacuumed packaging keeps their products unwithered. You will surely agree if you smell them. They are simply divine!

Customer Testimonial:

Their customer support is just amazing. Their representatives cater to each client’s needs through a live chat on their website. You can contact them via mails, social media, calls, etc.

They usually take payments via E-transfer.


  • Free shipping over $150
  • Discreet packaging and shipping
  • Fast and procure shipping
  • Premium quality weed products
  • Great technical and customer support
  • High promotional and sale offers
  • Daily weed offer


  • The minimum order value is $100
  • Limited payment options.

Visit Herb Approach

3. Online Dispensary Canada: For your next Cannabis Order!

Do you know by what name Online Dispensary Canada was known formerly? It’s Blue + Yellow. What a name?, Isn’t it.

The store also set standards for its follower companies by selling awesome quality cannabis.

Products: Consists of all top-notch weeds, Online Dispensary Canada is the best place to buy medical marijuana of AAAA quality, mail order marijuana, well-tested edibles, gummies, flower, THC concentrates, Sativa strains, hybrid Strains, CBD products like CBD oil, weed buds online.

They have excellent products like Gusher Strain bud, Nuken Strain bud, Alien Monster Cookie Shatter, and

THC Gummies.

Their price range for some THC products starts from just $15.00


On looking at Customer reactions of Online Dispensary marijuana, you will definitely be impressed with the positive response.

Web Experience:

Coming to their webpage, it is clean and well structured and informative as well. It is easy to navigate through. Also, descriptions and details are added with every product that makes it highly reliable.

Customer service:

They offer great customer service by taking queries of every single client till they satisfy them. You can call them, mail them or chat with them. In short, you have various ways to connect to them.
Shipping and Packaging:

Above all, they have extremely organized distribution and dispatching services. They take a 100% guarantee at shipping.

The freshness of the weed is always their priority.

Offers and Promotions:

For new customers, they have a flat 15% discount on prices mentioned directly. You may get discounts with the right coupon codes.

Payment acceptance through Bitcoin and Email money Transfer only.

Their impeccable qualities made them the best place to buy weeds online.


  • Free express shipping over order $149
  • Discreet packing.
  • Guaranteed Shipping
  • Fresh and premium cannabis
  • Very supportive staff
  • Offer sale and discounts
  • Rated 4.9 out of 5
  • Descent reputation


  • Limited payment options
  • Don’t offer free shipping below $149

Visit Online Dispensary Canada

4. Haute Health:

Haute Health is a premium name among weeders who love quality along with lots of discounts and offers.

Yes, this is the one-stop for all your marijuana needs.

Their main objective is to provide the best marijuana at a very reasonable price. Needless to say, they are living with this mission. Few strain you will find to start from $20.00.


They work with the best weed growers to make every product flawless. With an extensive hard working team, they take care of all details regarding their products.

Their product range includes flower like dried cannabis, THC, concentrates like shatter, budder, hash, oils, edibles like lollipops, candy, and gummies, vape like pens and cartridges, CBD include capsules, oil, Salve, etc.

Their average price range is $ 20.00-$40.00.

Web Experience:

Like their mission, their webpage is also very friendly one. Easy, clean and full of discount offers has made Haute Health, paradise to buy weed online.
What customer say:

Excellent reviews on Trustpilot. They have been rated the least 4.00 out of 5. You will feel how customers seem satisfied with their purchase. Their west coast hash, incentives and offers are getting attention worldwide.

Customer Service:

Haute Health is meant for its customers. Whether it is a query or offer, Haute Health has it great team that provides excellent customer support.

That is you will surely get the value of your money by purchasing from them.

Offers and Discounts:

You will feel a flood of offers while visiting their weppage.

Haute Health sometimes offers up to a 65% discount on the products. To access this, keep your eyes on their page!

Just by signing in, you will get 20.00 credit points and $20 off.

Not only this, they offer a loyalty program and referral program and gift options as well which is extremely popular among weed sellers.

They have ‘Smokin’ Daily Deals, in which some of their product is put on sale daily.

Distribution: Safe and Discreet distribution is their top priority.


  • Offers huge discounts
  • Fantastic collection of cannabis
  • Helpful staff
  • Reasonable costs
  • Free Express Shipping over $ 200 order value
  • Highly rated 4.00 out of 5
  • Guaranteed and safe distribution
  • Affordable prices


  • Payment Options limitations.

5 West Coast Cannabis: Order the best weed online!

Located in Vancouver BC, West Coast cannabis is a renowned name among marijuana sellers in Canada. They are well known for medical marijuana.


A highly trusted company for their premium products. They have almost 50 strains of weed mostly strains for recreational and medicinal purposes are available at the lowest price like $25.00 or $ 20.00 or at the best deal $ 15.00.

You can shop for not only BC buds but also many products related to 420 like edibles, vapes, flowers, concentrates.

They have marvelous cannabis. AAAA of BC bud to AAA flowers, they have it all. Indica, Sativa, Mixed, and hybrid strain, their store carries all.

They also have an option for mix & match packs as per your requirement. Also, a wide range of high-terpene full-spectrum extracts (HTFSE) and shatters. You can also put many THC products in the cart.

Their great range of products makes them a one-stop for all your weed need.

Their team is highly professional and supportive and would take all your queries and answer promptly. You can take their support for your best purchase.

Rating and reviews:

Excellent rating in TrustPilot and other platforms. Customers love them for their quality at a reasonable price. They also like West Coast cannabis skilled team.

Site navigation:

Their page is full of information and very easy to go through. By registering on their page, you will find yourself surrounded by coupons and fair deals.

It’s very easy to find description on their page.

They are very conscious about their items delivered. The essence lies in their products. However, use of Canada Post for distribution cause delay sometimes.

Learn about their hot deals, free gift and sale on their home page slideshow

What to say more, just by from the store to adore!


  • Free express shipping on orders over $150
  • Secured site with SSL ensures no scam
  • Get reward points on every order and convert them into cash
  • Guaranteed shipment
  • Extra discount via discount coupons
  • Wide range to choose from
  • Products for pet care


  • Sometimes delay in shipment by Canada Post.
  • Limited method to pay.

6 BC BUD Supply : Pesticides free legal stock- Order your weed online

One more finest dispensary you will find in Canada is the BC Bud Supply. Bc Bud supply is the most reliable and trustworthy platform for all Canadians.

Why we are saying so? Just read the complete review to get their essence.

They are popular for dealing with only naturally-grown products. They assure that their products are pesticides free. This is the USP of BC Bud Supply.

To achieve this, they work with only the finest local weeders.

A huge inventory of BC Bud includes a variety of CBD products, THC products, concentrates, edibles, gummies, vapes, including accessories.

All of their working partners are at the top of the cannabis Industry.


Their personals are highly skillful and knowledgeable. You can seek their support through live chat, social media platforms, emails, calls, etc.

You will get your personalized support from everywhere.

Even their critics rated 4.00 of 5. Customers talk a lot about their well-researched naturally cultivated inventory. BC BUD supply is considered the best for selling MOM.

Their most reviewed product is Milkyway extract juice which is a premium THC, Grease Monkey, Skywalker OG, and Cotton Candy. Their customers find their prices very competitive.

Fast Shipment; They believe in fast delivery and your order would take 2-3 days or a week to reach your doorsteps.

Freebies and rewards: Some reward points will be given after every purchase that you can redeem afterward.

Free delivery over order $100.

Also, there are sales and deals on their page to attract you. Go and grab yours.


  • Highly secure platform
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Best naturally grown weeds
  • Best hybrid strains of marijuana
  • Free shipping over $100
  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • Discreet packaging
  • Reward points on every purchase


  • Limited options to pay

7. Green Society: Best MMJ Online Dispensary Canada

As the name says, they work for people’s health. If you want to buy marijuana for recreational use, this is the place. They sell the best Medical Marijuana (MMJ).

How important is your health for them? You can justify with that they deliver your THC, Hash, and weeds in no time at your doorsteps.

Best breeders work with them to make you get the best treatment possible. Hence no look further!. Buy now your MMJ from Green Society-Online Dispensary Canada.

Stock includes high-quality flowers, THC products and hybrid strains of cannabis. You can have the options to mix & match them for you.

Skilled, highly technical experts work for them making their customer support the best. The fast and personalized response is what they are known for.


“The Green Room” – a section on their webpage where you find the best quality marijuana stock for medicines. They have their expert medical team inspect each and every sample carefully to send you the best one.

This way they leave no stone unturned as far as your health is considered. Their therapy for chronic pain, anxiety will find you soon.

Once you place your weed online, just look for the coupons to save money.


  • Best marijuana for medicines
  • Fast dispatch is usually only in 2-3 days
  • Free delivery above $149
  • Monthly giveaways
  • Rewards
  • Vacuum packing for premium product Assurance


  • High threshold price

Visit Green Society Canada

8. Speed Greens: The promising Online Dispensary

Are you looking for the best price of best weeds? Then you must visit The Speed Greens.

Their impeccable customer service has crafted them as a top online dispensary in Canada. Their best price guarantee says it all- “If you find an identical product online for less just let us know and we will match the price of that item”.

Reviews: Needless to mention their customer reviews for a 5 star rated company on TrustPilot. Yes, for their perfection and love to their profession, They are now the highest rated weed dispensary.

We have collected the following from their homepage. Have a look!

Client Service:

Their team is simply extraordinary. They love to talk to their customers and go above and beyond to resolve issues. Healthy and extremely friendly environment is what we can say about their client-focused services.

You will always be welcomed to contact through chat, calls , emails or social media. They keep you updated regarding your orders.


Vast range of top quality products includes edibles, flowers, THC concentrates, distillates, CBD oils, Tinctures, vapes, hybrid, Indica, Sativa or mix strains and many more. They simply make your shopping extremely enjoyable.

Only premium quality is what define their products.


As promised on the best price, they provide you the variety of deals to make you enjoy your shopping experience amazing.

Their Galaxy Extracts Trainwreck sativa variant, NYC Diesel just starts from $25.00 only. You can check other buds and hash prices.

Webpage: User friendly, great designed and easy to scroll and move. It is full of information. In short just great!

Very simple registration process just to verify your age. You don’t need to fill a long form of email address, password. Remember just nothing.

This store provides a lot of freebies. Check here-It is taken from their homepage.

They ensure your items to be delivered in less time in less cost. They have variety of hybrid strains, THC and CBD products and mix & match options within the range of $20.00-$50.00.

Henceforth, we can say buy from this store will be a great experience for you. It is a pioneer of Cannabis Industry.


  • Top rated
  • Free gifts with order
  • Only legal marijuana
  • Great stock
  • Great and guaranteed Lowest best price
  • Guaranteed Free Shipping through express post above $149


  • Must have many options to pay.

Visit Speed Greens

9. Buy My Weed Online- The original Mail Order Marijuana Dispensary (BMWO) is The original Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) Dispensary in Canada. They deal with the best medical marijuana and thus the big name in the cannabis industry.

Top-quality medical marijuana is the term they’ve been known for. They take care of the health of their buyer at the top priority.

Their Webpage is professionally designed, speedy, and easy to navigate. We found it extremely helpful in getting the nerve of the products.

Their staff is truly customer-focused. It is mentioned on their page to connect via Twitter, Facebook, and many other social platforms. They offer round-the-clock customer support.

Amazing offers on your orders:

Weekend flash sales, get 20% off items listed.
Get 3.5 free grams of weed and/or free gifts on your first order.
Monthly giveaways, of prizes $3000 every month.
limited-time deals.
$99 ounce specials,
BMWO loyalty program, earn cashback whatever you have spent, and whatever delivered.

Refer to your friend and get heavy discounts:

refer-banner-desktop.jpeg (2283×1080) (


Highly professional
Deals with the top quality weed only
Exclusive product range
Rated 4.1 out of 5
Long list of happy customers
Free Canada Post XpressPost shipping over $99.
Many promotional deals

Visit Buy My Weed Online

10. The High Club : The best Marijuana wholeseller

Not just an ordinary dispensary- The high club follows some rigorous processes to make them the best. Founded by some friends to make medical marijuana, affordable and accessible for every age Canadian.

They know that to get the best delivered, they need to find the best. Therefore, strict assurance check is made before getting the items delivered.

They are best in whole selling of MOM. They work to get you the best medical-grade cannabis.
Customer Services:

Their skilled and updated staff includes only cannabis enthusiasts who love their work and can meet their customer needs. They can be contacted easily.

Their webpage sometimes gets inaccessible and thus causes inconvenience. They really need to check the facts behind it to resolve the issue.

Their high production and huge stock can fulfill either demand whether personal or for Wholesale.

include AAAA quality strains like High school Sweetheart, Cake pop, etc, concentrates like THC distillates and 99% pure CBD isolate, CBD oil, many products with stain like Indica, and Sativa . Also, their zig-zag hash is simply amazing.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Items delivered are nicely labeled with clean and discreet packaging.

Use the coupon code “WELCOME15” for 15% off


  • Great team
  • Free express shipping on all orders over $150
  • Reward points for every dollar spent
  • Best MOM
  • Best for recreational and medical use


  • Expensive for personal orders
  • Slow and sometimes inaccessible webpage.

Wrapping Up: The last Words

Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading the reviews. We have honestly summed up the Top 10 dispensaries of Canada. However, check yourself before placing order to avoid spam.

Canadian Government has included many points under Cannabis Act before making cannabis products legal. They wanted to use weed for the best purpose of recreational and medical use. Thus ensure that

-Only adults, above age 19 could get the access of weed and hash products.

-Adults too are allowed to use for medical benefits.

All the above mentioned store takes care of the act and sell only legal products. Therefore now they are the part of our top online Weed Sellers. Most of them have a commendable customer service. And products prices on an average goes from the least $15.00 -$40.00. They are usually rated 4.00.

Take care of your health and take cannabis products only when necessary.

All the Best. Happy Shopping!

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