100% Genuine Seedsman Seed Bank Review: Things that nobody will ever tell you.

Are you buying marijuana strains for yourself from a reputable strain seller like Seedsman?

Welcome to the Seedsman seed bank review!

Wait, and read thoroughly. We are providing here the most genuine review for Seedsman. If you are going to buy seeds from them, then first look here to get their nerve, their weaknesses, strengths, and then decide to invest in them.

After all, Choosing cannabis strain from the right online seed bank is extremely important.

Seedsman is one the most trusted cannabis seed bank for all your needs. They have been in business for over a decade and have served more than 50,000 happy customers from around the world.

Not only this, if you search about them all over the internet for their customer reviews, you will find how much they care for their customers. Like other top-rated cannabis seed sellers, Seedsman seeds come under high-quality seeds

We find they are among the most reviewed banks on Trustpilot. More than 15ooo people have shown their love for them.

But you should not go by words only, let’s take every aspect related to them- like their history, Website, Seed selection, and quality, germination guarantee, worldwide shipping, free seeds, and damaged seeds policy, packaging and delivery, reviews, various payment options, and FAQs.

First, go through our review and then create your own Seedsman review after experiencing it!

Let’s Explore and Analyse Seedsman:

To review such a big name is not easy. But as we are committed to providing the most honest review, we are covering all the possible corners of the Seedsman.

Seedsman seed bank review -Logo of seedsman


Seedsman seed bank has a proud history. They take pride to be counted as one of the most trusted cannabis seeds banks.

This British seed bank was founded in the year 2003 in Barcelona, Spain. Since then they have been serving society with their excellence. The company has its offices in Barcelona and UK.

However, their customer service centers are established in United States, Poland, Germany, France, and United Kingdom.

The company strongly believes in customer values. Therefore, they have been knowing as a reputable seed bank. Currently, they are serving more than 150 countries across the globe. Their germination guarantee with some purchases has secured the attention of the buyers and many other seed banks.

Globally recognized Seedsman first started collecting marijuana seeds for research only which they are doing even now. Gradually they added various breeders, vendors, and expert packagers and slowly moved into sales too.

Seedsman’s Reputation:

You must investigate the company’s position before purchasing. This is an important point for consideration if you want to stay away from scamsters.

Now, coming back to Seedman. We are talking about their hold among all the big giants who are running the same business.

Fortunately, Seedman has a strong reputation among all the cannabis players. It is reviewed mostly among the Top-10 big cannabis players worldwide.

Also, The cannabis growers, as well as buyers, feel that the huge variety of strains and attractive price attracts them and others.

Unfortunately, Seedman should not be your first choice if you need fast delivery. As their delivery might take even more than a fortnight.

Website Experience:

Seedsman seed bank owns a great and friendly website. We find the Seedsman website allows smooth navigation throughout.

Looks and feel:

At the first look, we find the Seedsman website being so catchy. As they have used soothing colour and texture for their landing page.

Brilliantly designed website with a velvety touch while going through. Finding anything is made so easy. What strikes more is their way to take you to the world of the desired strain.

They have enlisted about strains, cost, details, and their deals and promotions in a way you don’t even realize that the page is so cluttered -full of information.

User-friendly features:

Now, you want to know more. right?

Well, as we move ahead, we find that we did not need to do much hard work to find anything.

Here’s interesting part is that you will find exclusive filters to select cannabis seeds. And these filters include Price, Taste/Flavor, Brands, Type of seeds like autoflowering and feminized seeds, their germination and flowering time, medical usage, effects, and side effects, package size, etc.

what was more striking was they even have options to select via various cannabis cup winners mention with the year.


Product Page:

What’s more!

Well, it’s their huge product list. Seedsman seeds bank is absolutely the largest among online seed banks as they sell almost 4000 plus varieties of distinct strains.

Even you won’t believe they sell merchandise also out of cannabis along with the vast catalogue of strains.

We know how you feel like visiting them!!

Also, you can get the basic details just by hovering over the product. Such a great and friendly web experience!

Don’t believe us!! Experience yourself.

Visit product pageseedsman bank webpage- so user friendly

No wonder! their website is one of the reasons for them standing on the list of best seed banks.

More features:

Their webpage is attractive and appealing just like their seed quality. We never knew that seed selection could be so easy even for beginners.

Again, they have many features incorporated into their website-

Going towards the footer, you will find their return policy, privacy policy, history of various seeds, Customer help desk, packaging details, deals and promotions, gallery, etc.

keeping it short, our web experience with the Seedsman seed bank was simply phenomenal.

Create your web experience too. Visit Seedsman Website.

Seed Selection:

Now the most convincing part of the Seedsman review is the seed selection.

We can say just HUGE! You name it and surely you get it among the list of Seedsman seeds. They don’t only sell their brands or on the top-notch brands and breeders. Additionally, they collect seeds from various cultivators and brands of their line. But, here is a catch! They take care of the quality of the seeds as well.

Obviously, they keep adding new seeds to their list regularly.

Seedsman Seeds: Top-notch brands:

Their almost 4000 plus varieties include seeds from diverse and numerous brands like;

  • Sensi Seeds
  •  Dutch Passion
  • Royal Queen
  • Greenhouse Co
  • Serious Seeds DNA Genetics 
  • Moxie Seeds
  • T.H Seeds, 
  • Buddha Seeds,
  • Soma Seeds, 
  • Paradise Seeds, 
  • Barney’s Farm, 
  •  CBD Crew

We know, you are not going to satisfy with this! then we have more to tell you-

A huge selection of seeds made it possible for them to have their top-notch selling seeds. Have a look!

Seedsman seeds: best-selling seeds:

Seedsman seed bank review- critical kush
Critical kush
best selling seeds kali mist
Kali Mist
best selling seeds big devil feminised
Big Devil-feminised
best selling seeds-ghost train haze
Ghost Train Haze

With such a vast range of collections, they have a great number of top-selling weed seeds too. The list includes:

best selling seeds
Best Selling Seed Page of Seedsman website
  • White widow- regular, feminized seeds, autoflowering
  • Big Devil- feminized
  • Mango Haze- feminized
  • Critical Kush-feminised
  • Amnesia haze-feminized, auto flowering
  • Mataro Blue- feminized seeds
  • original Skunk #1-regular

And many more…

Visit Seedsman best selling seeds

Product Quality: get the genuine cannabis seeds

All the trusted seed banks take care of the quality of these strains they are selling. Seedsman seed bank is no exception.

If you look at their customer reviews, you will surely be convinced that they provide high-quality seeds.

Here the question arises, How all the seeds they are getting from various vendors can pass quality checks?

Well, certainly not! it is not possible at all!

With such a massive seed collection and seed selection, the quality cannot be maintained. Though they have a tough quality regime, to maintain it for each one of them.

Contrary, if you have a glance at Seedsman seeds reviews, you will hardly find unsatisfied customers.

Seriously, it’s great! After all, they provide worldwide shipping.

Additionally, growing marijuana cannabis strains with germination guarantee- This is what marijuana growers love about them.

Here, we must tell you that they don’t give a germination guarantee with every purchase! Hence, buy cannabis seeds from them carefully!

Customer Service:

Continuing the Seedman review, we have come across the most important part for any business to grow.

Interestingly, we all must agree that all the top seed banks definitely have extensive customer services.

Seedsman maintains great customer relationship service with every customer whether a brand, or breeders who are growing marijuana.

Let’s throw light on this point-

  • Seedsman sell seeds only, that are genetically viable seeds. Whether you are buying from their online store or from the store itself.
  • Seedsman believes that every customer is important. And thus, you will take the help of their executives anytime.
  • Seedsman seed bank indulge in worldwide shipping to make their customers across the world.
  • Seedsman cannabis seed banks include medical strains of reliable marijuana strains from dedicated medicinal growers who provide quality medical seeds with a germination guarantee.
  • This renowned seed bank takes care of cannabis genetics to ensure the selling of quality seeds.
  • Along with a huge selection, Seedsman provides several payment options which we will discuss in our next section.

What else! Wait!

We have more to tell you-

Other customer-friendly points you must know about are their loyalty program, free seed, payment options, etc.

Loyalty program –

Exclusively, Seedsman seed bank runs a loyalty program for their customers.

But, before moving further, you must know about loyalty points.

Loyalty points:

These are some credit points you get with every purchase. Later, these points would help you in getting some discounts or free seeds according to their policies.

This way Seedsman maintains its relationship with the cannabis seeds buyers.

Free Seeds:

Not with every purchase, yet Seedsman seed bank offers freebies in order to accelerate growing marijuana.

Also, you need to check if you qualify for getting free seeds. Check out here!

Discounts and Promotions:

Seedsman’s review tells about their promotions and deals cannabis seeds buyers in a great way.

For your information, we can tell they have exquisite promotions and deals for loyal customers. You will get an exclusive 15% off on payment with Bitcoins.

Furthermore, you can be eligible for free shipping in Europe after bulk orders.

Return Policy:

They have a happy replacement policy if you have got bad seeds for your ordered seeds.

Coupled with, they also support stealth shopping. Not every seed bank provides such facilities.

Payment Options:

As we are aware that Seedsman ships worldwide. Seedsman is among the well-known seed banks that not only provide a variety of marijuana strains but also have huge payment methods.

This Spanish seed bank has

  • Bank Transfer option,
  • also takes Bitcoins
  • credit cards
  • Cash
  • Money orders

Here it is to mention that you will get a direct 15% discount if you opt to pay via bank transfer or bitcoins.

In order to run Worldwide shipping smoothly, seed banks should promote different payment methods.

Customer Reviews:

Happy customers are the backbone of every business.

Let’s see what the customer says about Seedsman.

Everything went perfect for multiple orders…review stating Everything went perfect for multiple orders…

After trying most all, I only have one bank.

This is all.”

Coming back again and again 🙂

“Your pricing is amazing. However there is nothing like good service and excellent communication. Your company has it covered. Good job. Thank you for great service!”

They do have negative reviews too.

“They are not providing a germination Guarantee. don’t trust them.”

What We liked and What we don’t like about Seedsman: The real Pros and Cons


  • Huge selection of marijuana strains
  • Great Price and seed quality
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Loyalty points
  • Germination Guarantee with some marijuana seeds
  • Great promotions
  • Wide Payment Options
  • Discrete packaging
  • Great customer reviews
  • Guaranteed Shipping


  • Doesn’t provide a germination guarantee with every purchase.
  • Free seeds are only over a limited value.
  • Seed quality is not guaranteed with every cannabis strain.
  • Slow delivery.
  • Free delivery in Europe only.

Readers! We have tried to remain unbiased in our honest Seedsman review. Also, we have included almost every point to consider.

Continually, you need to look at the other banks to get better deals.

Other Seed Banks to look For:

Many other marijuana sellers ship worldwide, you can look for buying weed strain.

Choose the best online seed bank-

  • Ilgm Seed Bank
  • Crop King
  • Royal Queen
  • Ministry of Cannabis
  • Grower’s choice
  • MSNL seed bank

And many more.

You can order marijuana seeds from them too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Seedman trustworthy?

Ans– Of course, it is! You can check the reviews on Trustpilot and many other forums, platforms like social media. Their customer reviews will tell their story. There is no point in not trusting. Instead, you can also ask directly to their customers.

Do they grow their cannabis Plants?

Ans– Yes. We find through our research that not all, but grow some marijuana strains themselves. Rest they buy from various growers who are experts in growing cannabis.

Can we trust Seedsman being legit?

Ans- Our research says, there should not be any doubt being Seedsman Legit. They follow international and local laws as well.

Can I get Free Shipping?

Ans– Well, Free shipping is only provided across Europe. Please check your location.

Can I get a germination guarantee with all my orders?

Ans– By going through the reputable seed bank Seedsman, we can say that they don’t provide a germination guarantee with every product. However, few regular seeds, few autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds and others are eligible.

Seedsman promotes Cannabis legislation. Is that true?

Ans– Yes. Seedsman has put immense efforts into making cannabis legal in the US and also around the world.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that Seedsman invests in various programs about cannabis legislation and education regularly.

But why does Seedman promotes the use of Marijuana?

Ans– Undoubtedly, sales is one of the reasons.

But, Seedsman actually believes that the whole world should be benefitted from the medical usage of weeds.

The Final Thoughts:

Cannabis- are the need of today’s stressed world. Everyone has a right to choose the right strain for themselves. So they also need to check the best bank for getting the products.

As we all know that with the legalization of marijuana, many banks have opened so far. Consequently, it is getting difficult to get the right seller.

Thus, We are here to provide you with the checklist to choose the best for you. And, we urge you to look at least once before finalizing the seller for you.

Checklist: check before choosing!

Attention! Stay away from the trap! Choose only the genuine store.

#1 Check the reputation of the bank or individual seller

#2 Buy only from a trusted online store

#3 Check varieties of strains- As a trustworthy seller must contain huge types of strains.

#4 Multiple payment methods- Fraudsters do not afford multiple methods of payments generally.

#5 Shipping- check for free shipping, the countries it is shipping to, opt for the one that ships globally

#6 Return policy

#7 Check for stealth shipping

#8 Regular deals and promotions

#9 Social media presence

#10 Customer reviews- both good and bad

In like manner, we put our honest thoughts here as Seedsman review.

Hopefully, our genuine feedback on the Seedsman review will help you in deciding before taking your next move!

Be an intelligent buyer!

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