The Crop king seeds review 2022 – Must Read Before Buying!

Are you thinking to buy seeds from the Crop King seeds seed bank? or you may be a newcomer to buy strains for the first time? Or

Might be you are a professional avid grower who is looking for a genuine review of Crop King Seeds.

Well, no matter what is your purpose, You are welcome on the 100% genuine review of the most famous Crop king seeds of Canada.

Undoubtedly, as soon as the thought of buying seeds online either to consume or to grow strikes your mind, the first and foremost thing is to find the right seed bank to purchase from.

Obviously, buying from a reputed bank would not let your money be wasted. After accessing your needs we have come up with a detailed review of the best Canadian seed bank i.e. Crop King Seeds…

Notable here, our review is unbiased and based on the personal experience and Expert’s views.

So, Let’s unveil everything about Crop King Seeds.

Crop King Seeds Seed Bank: Everything you should know about

If you are living in Canada, Crop king seeds will be the first name you will think about while purchasing marijuana seeds.

So let’s check all the facts about this most reputable bank:

Crop King’s Reputation:

Let us first have a look into the reputation and credibility of the Bank.

To summarize, it’s beyond incredible!… People say they can blindly rely on every aspect of the bank. From superior seed quality to extensive hardworking customer support to the timely guaranteed delivery, The Crop King Seeds just stands out among all the other online seed banks.

For its beyond-expectations services, the Crop King Seeds bank has received the precious ‘Best Seed Company’ by the Canadian Cannabis Awards in the year 2017. 

Even we were asked to try Crop King first and then try other seed banks to compare and we literally found the seed bank, a fabulous one!

Keep reading and you will also agree!

Overall, worth every penny spent on this perfect Cannabis seed Bank!

Now before discussing its various services, isn’t it better to peep into its History?

History of Crop King Seeds

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Crop King Cannabis Seeds Bank has an interesting history to look into.

Interestingly, Crop King seeds first opened as a small shop in Canada in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, due to some Cannabis laws, the future of Cannabis appeared unpredictable and thus Seed Bank went through a complete closure.

After a big leap, the company started again but in the USA first in the year 2013 and thereafter when Cannabis got welcomed in Canada again, Crop King started from Calgary with its first storefront.

What a mind-blowing history!

Nowadays, The Crop King Seeds is leading the marijuana industry by its high-quality seed selection and quality services.

To date, the company has opened more than 100 storefronts in Canada only and catering to Canadian customers, also worldwide cannabis growers and consumers as well.

Correspondingly, it’s time to check the facts that make the Crop King Seeds, the king among other best seed banks. Let’s move on!

Crop King’s Website

After the history, now it’s time to check the company’s website.

In the first look, we loved Crop King’s website No, there is no personal interest… In fact, the website truly represents such a giant company so well.

I know you’re getting curious to know more…

In the event to like any website, there are a few things that really matter:


We find the website is simple and clean. It is clutter-free which makes it great. What you will find on the landing page are the main strains, deals and promotions, main features as delivery, germination, etc. That is sure to make a visitor engaged. And of course, each piece of information is just a click away from you.

Also, a help chat box that appears on every page makes it worthful to spend time and money.

To keep it short, a clean, clutter-free simple website that is full of information.


Moving forward to the experience of navigation- it is easy and smooth to navigate. If you have a doubt, you can experience it yourself.

The website is completely unveiled on the landing page. Just by clicking on something you will experience the world of information is unfolded for you.

Sounds Great! Isn’t it?

On the landing page, the main strains with pictures are given. If you click on that you will notice complete information about that strain!

Similarly, you can click on features like shipping, germination, policies and the complete information regarding them.

User Experience:

As we have already told you that the Crop King’s website is full of information, one more thing we loved is that Crop King Seeds sell so many strains. For a better user Experience, Strains are arranged in alphabetical order.

Therefore, we can say that the website gives you a smooth user experience and indeed a well-crafted website.

After the Crop King website, let’s unlock the Seeds collection and quality…

Quality and Collection of Cannabis Seeds at Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds offers the highest quality seeds to its customers. Not only quality but also they have a huge strain selection catalogue. The obvious reason why it is counted among the top seed banks of Canada.

In view of seed collection, Crop king seeds sell more than 500 varieties of 40 different high-quality cannabis seeds strains.

What is more satisfactory is most of their strains are hand-picked or self-bred or collector from the top growers and breeders.

That’s how they maintain the quality of the seeds sold.

Well, their collection includes the most potent strains including regular seeds, feminized seeds, auto-flowering / Dwarf auto-flowering, medical/ recreational cannabis and HighTHC and High CBD strains as well.

What’s more convincing is that you can customize your selection by including mix and match packs like if you want a feminized mix pack or auto flower mix pack or even anything else, you can choose so easily. This is so different than most seed banks.

Some of their bestseller high-quality seeds collection includes-

  • White Widow
  • Train Wreck.
  • Blueberry
  • Northern Lights
  •  Amnesia Haze
  •  Candy Cane
  •  Dark Angel
  •  Purple Kush
  •  White Cookies
  •  Sour Diesel
  •  Green Crack
  • Afghani and many more…

Surely, we are flattered by their such a friendly seed selection way. Consistently, they update new seeds to their collection too.

After strains, it’s time to judge Crop King Seed Bank on the parameter of Customer service…

Customer Service:

Not Surprisingly, Crop King Seeds offer world-class amazing customer service to cater to their customers.

Likewise, as most seed banks do! After all, to provide extensive customer service is a mark of a top company.

As a matter of fact, we all know to encompass great customer support, one must have a top-grade customer service team willing to serve its customer with all ifs and buts.

Now, here we want to tell you what are the points of customer service we liked the most:

  • First of all, Easy to contact them as various options to contact are available. Like- they have a toll-free telephone number, Email options, chatbox – ‘ Chat with the King’, Direct contact if you are staying in Canada, direct mailing letters to their physical address. It’s pretty clear that the company has put so much emphasis on making their customer happy.
  • Secondly, you can avail of their great customer service 24/7, i.e. round the clock.
  • Next, Crop Kings Seeds has a well-trained support team that guide you thoroughly about new strains, process to cultivate to get the best deals and many other queries.
  • What we have noticed is that there was always a prompt response to our queries either you opt to mail or call or even chat.
  • Reviewing other customers ‘ perceptions, we found that most people are praising their customer service.

All right! Here you seem to be convinced that the Crop King has excellent customer service.

Again, time to move on next…

Germination Guarantee: Do Crop King Seed banks guarantees germination?

Noone in this world can ever deny that a consumer always wants the value of every single penny of his hard-earned money.

Therefore, it is a must to check the Crop King Seeds on this point. Here is what we found-

  • The company sells seeds with an 80% Germination rates Guarantee.
  • That states that if you have followed their instructions well and still your seeds don’t germinate, the crop king seed bank will either refund or replace their weed seeds completely.
  • Also to assist you in germination, they have their guide on the website.

Clearly, if you choose to buy cannabis seeds from the Crop King, you are actually getting the best value.

Wait! We have more to tell about the Crop King…


Pricing could be a little disappointing as the prices of the strains are a bit higher than other seed banks.

But what we observed and want to tell you that you should not consider much of the price as you are getting nothing but the best only. Henceforth, you get more than what you’ve expected from your money spent.

But why the Crop King seeds offer a much higher price? Well, read further to know.

Doubtlessly, the Crop King Seeds Bank sells marijuana seeds of high quality only. They usually pick themselves their strains or perform careful experimentation in order to deliver the highest quality seeds online.

Since these take a lot of effort and time, they have put their strains on a higher side on a price scale. So that you can buy without any doubt from them.

Payment Methods at the Crop King Seeds Seed Bank

Like the Crop King Seeds ship worldwide, this Canadian seed bank has to keep many payment options to accept payments from other countries.

Indeed it is a must-taken step to let the business thrive and hold a good reputation all over.

Hence payment methods include:

  • Cash
  • US dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Mastercard
  • Visa Card
  • Bitcoin
  • E-transfers (for Canadian only)
  • Digital currencies

They ensure to make it comfortable to pay via several payment methods.

I know you want us to talk about shipping and packaging …

Packaging And Shipping

It is important to note how your package comes to you.

  • You will get your marijuana seeds in a special discreet and sealed parcel to maintain the seed quality.
  • Also, your package will not carry any cannabis-related signs in order to keep it protected from Stealing. Your package would appear to be random objects only and thus stay protected from prying hands.
  • Package discretion is the sincere step taken by the Crop King Seeds Bank. Hopefully, other banks would take inspiration from the Crop King Seeds.

Now let’s move to ship:

Like a similar fashion, The Crop King Seeds ensures that your package would reach you at any cost.

What you get in Shipping if you order seeds from the bank:

  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Standard Shipping
  • Stealth Shipping
  • Fast shipping via Express Shipping
  • Great customer support to solve any delivery-related query.

But, what is a little heartbreaking is that you will not get your parcel for free! Even if you stay in Canada, you need to pay to get your package.

Shipping charges are as follows:

  • For Canada- $10 USD within 2-7 days delivery time.
  • For the USA- $10 USD 14 days delivery time
  • Elsewhere around the world- $30, 2 weeks delivery time.
  • If you want a registered and insured delivery of your high-quality seeds of Cannabis Plants, you need to pay $30-$60 extra according to the country.
  • Conversely, to enjoy free shipping your order value must exceed $200 at the checkout time.

Want to know more about what Crop King Seeds offers you more!

Promotions, Deals and Coupons

The Crop King Seeds has left no stone unturned to be the King of great seeds Bank.

The Crop King is well renowned for the fewer perks offered to their customers. If you check their website, you will notice many promotions and deals to save your money. Here we would add that these deals and promotions are not very regular and generous.

Also, you may get 10 free seeds, if your order value is more than $420.

Again you may apply coupon codes to get extra discounts.

Note: Here we would advise you to buy larger packs to avail the better value of different strains. Like the seeds are available in 5, 10 and 25 sizes. And to buy marijuana seeds larger packs will be good to have discounts and save money.

Customer Reviews

Definitely, the Crop King seeds bank has a huge fanbase of loyal customers.

See what they say about :

” I have been purchasing seeds from the Crop King for 3 years. I never feel like going anywhere after I found the Crop king. Mostly my seeds grow like 9/10, which is great. Satisfied and highly recommended.”

  • Joe, USA

” What great customer support! I bet you won’t find it likewise. They resolved my issue to perfection. Loved the seed selection, and the variety of particular strains.

Last but not least check out the Pros and Cons…


  • Undeniably great strain selection
  • High-quality marijuana seeds only
  • 80% germination rates
  • Trusted and supportive customer service
  • Free seeds after a big order
  • Fast and safe shipping
  • Express shipping
  • Many varieties of a particular strain
  • Extensive superior product quality


  • Higher price
  • No free delivery
  • No free seeds with every purchase

Let’s try to get the answers to the most asked questions…

FAQ’s about The Crop King Seeds Bank

Q1. The Crop King Seeds is a legit seed bank. Is it true?

Ans: Yes, It is. As Serving human since 2005, it is a premium legit seed bank.

Q2. If I am not satisfied with the product, what will happen?

Ans: However quite rare but if it happens, you should talk to customer support and if they find our reason to be genuine, your money will be returned or you get a new batch of the seeds.

Q3 Does the bank ship worldwide?

Ans: yes.

Q4. Are crop King seeds safe to use?

Ans: No matter where you have purchased from, Marijuana has some psychoactive properties and you may feel after ingestion:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Sleepy
  • Headaches
  • Red eyes and Red

Q5. Is my privacy guaranteed with the Crop King?

Ans: The company doesn’t keep the credit data of their customers. Neither do they sell emails and other personal data of their customers. Hence safe.

Wrapping Up The Crop King Seeds Review:

Finally, it’s time to wrap up. Well, we have put everything about The great Canadian seed Bank and honestly told you our heart about the bank.

Though it lacks discounts and offers a higher price, we loved all other particulars a good seed bank should possess.

We would say it is highly recommended. This seed bank is doing a commendable job!

Constantly coming and introducing their new strains to their best-selling regular strains, The Crop King Is undoubtedly the best online store to buy your marijuana seed.

“After all, it is the quality that matters the most!”

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