The Complete True north seed bank review: Know what’s right or wrong

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Hey folks! As we have promised to give you the best reviews of the Best Canadian Seed banks, we have come up with an exciting True North Seed Bank Review.

Well, buying cannabis seeds from a respected seed bank ensures the worth of your money. Obviously, whosoever loves to bear a loss?

Thus it is important to investigate properly ahead of putting your money into the seedbanks. And if you are thinking to buy marijuana seeds from True North Seed Bank, then you must read our detailed and properly researched review.

Different from the other seed banks, True North has mixed customer reactions. The seed bank is facing criticism and praises both on social media, Reddit and Trustpilot, etc. Of course, their other seed banks have such but True North reviews are completely different.

While researching about the True North seed bank we found extreme criticism and extreme love for it at the same time.

But why? Why so many inconsistencies and distrust among buyers of this seed bank?

And most of all, How did the True North manage to be among the top seed banks after so many dislikings?

Let us help you in finding the answers…

True North Seed Bank: All you need to know

True North seed bank is a legitimate seed bank of Canada. It is important to mention that it is a reseller bank only. That is, True North doesn’t breed their own seeds.

Notable here that the True North Bank is located in Toronto, Canada and has another distribution center in the United Kingdom.

What’s more about the True North…

Read ahead!

True North Seed Bank Review: Market Reputation

True north seed bank review

True North stands in the market with a strong standing. Though it is a newbie in comparison to other seed banks, it has created its name in the cannabis industry.

This bank is the main seed distributor in Canada. True North’s

Also, it is smaller than most of the giants of marijuana, yet due to an admirable collection of seeds, it has earned a lot of fame.

Unfortunately, being a small and a newcomer individual people are not aware much of it. Also, their negative reviews put an alarming sign on their claim being No. #1.

Though it has gained recognition through its buyers, suppliers and users as well.

Isn’t it interesting to get some more familiarity about the True North?

For this reason, read our next section that is covering the history and origin of the bank.

True North Seed Bank: History

Surprisingly, there is not much information about their establishment on their website or on the Internet.

Although it is interesting to tell the story, yet they have not specified much which is a little disappointing.

What all is known about the True North Seed bank is that they have started in Canada a few years back as a small seed shop.

Interesting to note that they were initially founded for selling medical and recreational seeds only. But as Canada legalized the use of marijuana in October 2018, True North has become one of the popular seed banks.

Do you know that True north Seedbank is also recognized by a different name-North America Seed bank?

It’s time to turn our heads to their website…

True North Seed Bank: Website True north seed bank review

True North Seeds bank owns a website that makes you fall in love with it.


What you would notice when you enter the website are the clear fonts and well-organized content and the page. Such a beautiful colour scheme and appeasing appeal!

Indeed, this kind of website design surely turns a visitor into a customer!


True North’s website offers smooth and easy navigation throughout the website. Apparently, you will be amazed that how freely the design will take you from one page to another.

The landing page will tell you about the deals and promotions as well. Also, great filters and search engines enable hassle-free navigation.

What we loved about the True North Seed Bank’s website is that our whole experience went clutter-free. Absolutely, no page is crowded yet a lot of information is there if you scroll all the pages.

In the middle of the landing page, they have beautifully demonstrated Bestsellers, Specia offers, New arrivals and the recommended strains.

User Experience:

By clicking on them you will get the complete information you are looking for. the most convincing part is that their detailed most sorted filter! Yes, you can select seeds by name, by breeder name, their flowering time, price, sex, variety, yield, THC content, Taste, Effects, Pack Size.

Wow! Such a curated filter for a buyer’s ease, great!

Overall, a great website experience! kudos to True north Website Developers!

True North Seed Bank: Collection and quality of marijuana seeds

Above all, cannabis seed banks are most talked about for their seed quality. Needless to say, seed selection and seed quality most define a genuine and trustworthy seed bank.

Well, as we have already mentioned that True North Seed Bank is a reseller and distributor. It never breeds its own seeds. Despite this, True North Seed Bank claims to sell 100% fresh cannabis seeds.

Let’s check their claim…

True North’s Breeders and Suppliers:

True north seed bank review - breeders

Being a reseller True North buys seeds from the top 50 plus breeders. Their breeders include Barney’s Farm, G-13, Delicious Seeds, Ace Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds and many more.

For more check out the image above.

As we can understand that the seed quality depends upon the breeder itself, We would recommend you to first do extensive research of the breeder you are choosing, if you’re taking seeds from True North.

Interesting to note that True North Seed Bank keeps on revising its stock to keep the seeds fresh.

Now, let us educate ourselves about the True North’s best-selling strains.

True North’s Seed Selection: Best-selling strains

Certainly, True North stocks seeds from well-established seed banks and breeders. And also the bank has more than 1400 varieties of more than 60 top strains.

Their wide seed selection includes feminized, autoflowering, regular, High and Low THC and CBD strains, Indica and Sativa type cannabis.

True north seed bank review

Seeing the picture you can also have an idea that how many filters they provided to find the best seed for yourself.

Now look at their bestsellers:

True north seed bank review - bestsellers

Their best selling strains include:

Afghan Kush(World of seeds)

8 Bali

Acapulco Gold


Dutch passion feminized seeds

Girl Scout cookies (Canuk )

Critical kush ( Barney’s ), etc.

With the research-based opinion, we can assure you that True North’s seeds are reliable and satisfactory.

True North Seed Bank: Germination Guarantee

Undeniably, when we buy seeds we want the full reward of our money spent. Marijuana seeds are costly we all know and thus we want to have the guarantee over germination.

But sadly, if you are looking for the same from the True North seeds bank, you are going to have heartbreak.


Because True North seed bank doesn’t guarantee the seeds sold. But, it is just your bad luck if you get faulty seeds as we have researched and found most of their reviews are good about their seed selection and quality. However, there are negative reviews too.

They usually ask their buyers to place orders after getting proper knowledge of the seeds placed.

“Unfortunately due to the nature of our business, we are unable to discuss, guarantee, or promote germination due to legality issues. All germination and cultivation inquiries will be ignored”

– True North Seed Bank

Therefore it is clear that Guarantee germination is not on True North’s Cards.

True North Seed Bank: Seeds Price

As this bank is a reseller itself, You will find a huge difference among the price range. High-quality cannabis from top breeders could price more!

Likewise, Some strains have prices from $11-$ 300 and even $40-$1000. We would say that it is always better to buy from a breeder itself. Else you will be resulting in paying for more without guarantee.

Surely, the seed bank has a fair price range from reasonable to costly ones.

True North Seed Bank: Customer Services

Although the bank claims that their customer representatives are available to cater to you any time between Monday to Friday from 10 am – 7 pm EST and also they claim themselves to be good customer service providers, still Customer services are the area where True North Seed bank faces the most criticism.

Surprised! Let’ check why?

We have checked the facts and realized we found that their claim is right for a few buyers, yet there are many unhappy customers.

Reasons came out as follows:

  • We find that their customer support works hard enough to meet the expectations, yet there is a long wait to get the response from their side.
  • True North customer service is good for some and for others it is worst. But, we think that we all have fair share of good and bad days as well as praise and criticism. And, True North is still struggling to compete with the giants of the industry.
  • Secondly, The bank is a distributor. Obviously, the quality of seeds and the germination depends upon the seeds they are getting from their suppliers.
  • However, we agree that this can be improved and should be improved.
  • Most negative reviews are about non-germination and the bank has already written in the legal Disclaimer that “ we do not give any guarantees.” and also they don’t even cater the guarantee germination and cultivation inquiries.
  • Their customer support is questioned due to not giving prompt or fast response as well.
  • Though they have a customer service number to call, mail support, though sometimes it is difficult to talk to them.

Doubtlessly, being a reputable company, The True north should look forward to fixing their customer support flaws.

Let’s find out more …

True North Seed Bank: Payment Methods

True North Seeds bank has provided many different payment options and this is expected too as the company involves in worldwide shipping.

Then, have a look at how can you use different payment methods to make payments to the True North.

  • Mastercard/ Visa Card (with 7.5% extra processing fee on all credit card payments)
  • Cash( USD or CAD)
  • International money order
  • E-transfer (for Canadian Customers only)
  • Bank transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Etherium

Wow! You can make payments so easily by any of your preferred methods!

We’re impressed!

Check out what’s next?

True North Seed Bank: Packaging and Shipping

Explicitly the True North provides very good and stealth shipping worldwide. However, the service is not free.

Here, are the following points to know about their packaging and delivery:

  • The bank provides discreet packaging to avoid stealing and seizing. The bank tries various methods to achieve this.
  • They use bubble wrap to pack the seed packet. Also on the box, there will be no marijuana sign and it is dispatched with a wrong returning address. So that the parcel is hidden from the unwanted eyes.
  • For extra safety, you may order a t-shirt or hemp bags or wallets from them and your pack of seeds would come hiding under them.
  • As far as shipping is concerned, True North Seeds bank offers discreet shipping as well. Many positive reviews are about appreciating them for their fast shipping.
  •  True North’s extra safe “guaranteed delivery insurance” for the USA and Canadian buyers.
  • If your order qualifies for free shipping that is above $420 USD, you will be eligible for free shipping. Else you have to pay accordingly to the flat rate shipping areawise:
  1. Canada : $30 USD (in 5-14 days)
  2. USA: $30(in 5-14 days)
  3. Europe: $35 (in 7-14 days)
  4. Africa: $180 (in 14-21days)
  5. UK: $35 (in 14-21 days)
  6. Australia/ New Zealand: $75 (in 21days)
  7. Other: $70 (in 21 days)

They offer a return policy too that says the order must be fresh and have proper storage, also you can ask for the return of the merchandise that too in 7 days. If you receive bad seeds, make phone calls to customer services. Conversely, the bank reserves the right to make the final decision about seeds. yet your merchandise can be refunded or returned.

One more thing is usually seeds are packed into their original breeder packaging, yet the bank can remove and change it to avoid stealing.

Pretty good! yeah!

True North Seed Bank: Promotions, Deals and Discounts

Suddenly, after seeing the negative views and commendable shipping policy, We have come across amusing Promotions and deals.

We must say, it’s never-ending.

Firstly, you will get free seeds with every order.

Again, the website gives you plenty of promotional deals.

Have a look!

True north seed bank review -deals

So, buying marijuana seeds from this bank is not a bad deal! They give you several offers to save your money.

Also, they have a loyalty program as well:

True north seed bank review - loyalty program

You can also take the advantage of the loyalty program by collecting loyalty points.

Another interesting offer is to Subscribe to their newsletters to get 30% off

Quite attractive promotional deals!

True North Seed Bank: Customer Reviews

Notwithstanding but True North has an equal share of positive reviews and bad reviews. While people praise their seed quality, seeds designed, fast shipping, discreet packaging, on the other hand, a lot of criticism over germination rates, price, order receiving, etc.

“Really fantastic seeds bank, from Canada, need time for received seeds is much faster and ppl’s there know how to get seeds much safer…”

“I have been using true north for a few years and have never had a problem. My last 2 orders from true north have been seized and held at customs.First-order was seized and I didn’t have insurance and my second order had insurance and stealth packaging with a puzzle and that was also seized by customs. “

Negative views:

“Real bad first experience. Customs seized my first order from True North for insufficient documentation. They were very clear in the documentation that it is not illegal to import properly documented seeds but as these had none they kept the parcel which sucks!”

” This seed bank is a Scam. They don’t discuss germination and other package returning options. Really frustrated. Don’t choose them.”

Totally understandable! Everyone has a right to get the worth of each dollar spent.

True North Seed Bank: Pros and Cons

A quick glimpse to pros and cons


  • Great seed collection
  • Seed quality is usually fantastic
  • Discreet and quick shipping
  • Great promotions and deals
  • Discounts, loyalty programs
  • Free seeds on every purchase
  • Return of old seeds with conditions
  • Proper care of seeds to germinate souvenirs
  • Most breeders are top-rated.
  • Various modes of payments for bought seeds


  • Do not guarantee germination
  • Weak customer support
  • Negative comments
  • Less trustworthy
  • Free shipping only

FAQ’s About True North:

Q1. We have heard so much negative about the bank. Is True North a legit bank?

Ans: Yes, here in this review we are assuring you that it is a purely legal and legit bank. It follows all the rules and regulations of the country.

Q2. If my order gets stuck, will I get help from True North?

Ans: Of course, they have a proper policy for this. You need to immediately inform them about it and mail them. Go to their website to get the full information.

Q3. Can you tell me about the alternatives to True North Seed bank?

Ans: Cropking Seeds, BC Bud, Quebec cannabis seeds, etc are the better alternatives. You can also refer to our best Canadian seed banks.

True North Seed Bank Review: The Conclusion

Undoubtedly, we have presented the real unbiased review of the True North Seed Bank with all rights and wrongs with the bank.

We bet you won’t find such a review on any other blog.

Hopefully, you have made up your mind for the True North Seed Bank after reading the review. We advise you to buy after proper research to avoid losing your money.

Though the bank has less trust in Trustpilot, its loyalty programme, free seeds, shipping, great seeds, and of course their positive views make them one among the top Canadian Seed Banks.

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